Welcome to Spring 2021!

Dear Colleague, 

Spring quarter is always a busy, yet invigorating time at the College. In this season of growth, we will have opportunities to stretch, try new things, and view our collective work together in a new light. Our strategic plan steering committees are rounding out the final pieces of our five-year plan. Our ctcLink implementation work is ramping up and our Guided Pathways initiative continues forward. Budget planning for the next fiscal year is underway. We are setting the foundation for new student experiences this fall and preparing to break ground on new construction projects this summer. In April, we make time for intentional learning together at our Day of Learning. And, as many of our students begin to wrap up their studies, we are eager to celebrate their heroic accomplishments at Commencement. While we have several foundational projects to focus on, there is also much to celebrate at Shoreline. Here are some important updates I want to share with you as we head into the final quarter of the academic year.  

Strategic Plan Goal 1: We attract students and community learners and ensure successful attainment of their goals through our programs, services, and teaching and learning environments. 

Student Enrollment Update 

The College continues to experience modest declines in student enrollment for the 2020-21 academic year. The following table includes winter enrollment with comparisons to the prior winter. Additionally, fall and summer enrollment (and change) are included. Finally, the current annual cumulative change is represented as well. 

Spring Enrollment Update 

Category  Today Same Day Last Year Previous Year Final % Change 
International Contract  539 767 799 -29.7% 
State-Supported  2623 2961 2726 -11.4% 
CEO/LCN  145 192 207 -24.4% 
Running Start  257 251 261 2.2% 
Other  41 47 47 -13.1% 
TOTAL  3606 4218 4040 -14.5% 

Winter Enrollment Update 

Category Winter 2020 Winter 2021* Change  
Change Fall Change Summer Cumulative Change 
International Contract 813 593 -27% (-220) (-154) (+79) -15% (-296) 
State-Supported 3068 2783 -9% (-285) (-371) (+84) -7% (-573) 
CEO/LCN 255 208 -18% (-47) (-28) (+38) -6% (-37) 
Running Start 299 306 + 2% (+7) (+30) n/a +6% (+37) 
Other 13 (-4)  (-36) (-27) -6% (-67) 
TOTAL 4449 3899 -12% (-550) (-559) (+174) -8% (-935) 

Congratulations to Our Newest Tenured Faculty 

At the March 18, 2021 Shoreline Board of Trustees meeting, the following third year tenure-track faculty candidates were awarded tenure: 

Faculty Discipline/Area Committee Chair 
Pru Arnquist Nursing Anna Sterner  
LeAnn De Luna Nursing Betty Kost  
TaChalla Ferris Library Elena Esquibel 
Dina Kovarik Biotechnology Kira Wennstrom 
Zach Mazur Studio Arts Matthew Allison 
Melanie Meyer Health Informatics & Information Mgmt. Alison Leahy 
Kristine Petesch Chemistry David Phippen 
Claire Putney Studio Arts Alan Yates 

Guided Pathways 

Guided Pathways has been implemented at many colleges across the country and is not merely an attempt to revise a few policies or practices or focus on a subset of our students; it is a campus-wide reform project to support equitable student outcomes. Each institution adapts practices and programming to the needs of their students. Shoreline is in its second year of implementing Guided Pathways. Here is their winter quarter 2021 progress update: 

  • Equity Team: Trained all project co-leads on an equity tool and have designed a 10-hour professional learning experience for Gateway faculty for spring.  
  • Student Voices Team: The 14-member Student Advisory Committee has met weekly. Students have served several times in focus groups for other project teams, providing incredibly valuable feedback on General Education Outcomes and Meta-Majors.
  • Meta-Majors Design Team: In recognition of the complexity and scale of this work, the timeline for this project has been stretched out to June 2022. 
  • Gateway Team: This team has focused on four areas of work: Gateway courses, English co-requisite design, Math co-requisite design and ESL co-requisite design. The focus of the work is for high enrollment courses, in their first year, with low enrollment rates. The team continues to work with each of the areas/courses with strategies to increase success and retention rates. 
  • Intake/Advising Team:  This area of work has divided into 3 key sub-projects: redesigning advising, aligning, and improving intake, and exploring what a new iteration of “college success course” could look like and how it might also include career exploration supports. 
  • Learning Outcomes Team: Is supporting the first year of a multi-year effort to examine and improve our college’s General Education Outcomes. The committee (Gen Ed Outcomes Revision Group, or GEORG) has collected examples of Gen Eds at a variety of other colleges, learned about how Gen Eds were implemented in the early 2000s, and are planning how to collect the first round of input from campus. In recognition of the complexity and scale of this work, the timeline for this project has been stretched out to June 2022. 

Do you want to learn more and get involved? On April 15, SBCTC is sponsoring, and Shoreline is hosting, a panel discussion of innovative and effective models for college success courses. Watch for invitations to events hosted by the Meta-Majors and Gen Ed teams. In mid-spring, we will be recruiting faculty for next year’s 2021-22 projects. 


The College is finalizing plans for this year’s Commencement ceremony on Saturday, June 19, which will include an online/virtual ceremony with an optional campus drive-through. More details will be forthcoming in early spring quarter. The Commencement 2021 Committee invites you to submit nominations for student and faculty speakers by May 7th. They are seeking nominations for speakers whose journeys and/or roles on campus authentically speak to and reflect the student experience. Please email any questions to vp-ses@shoreline.edu

Student Learning & Students, Equity & Success Division Realignment 

During the fall quarter, the units of Student Learning and Students, Equity and Success were combined into one large unit. Each now reports to a single vice president. The Student Learning side continues to manage changes that are carry forwards from last year including the realignment of Business, Communication Studies, and Social Sciences into one division; and the combination of the Library, Tutoring, and Faculty Professional Development under one associate dean, now reporting to the Executive Dean of Learning Resources & Continuing Education. The areas of Student Support will also see some shifts related to cTcLink, retirements, and resignations. Frank Frias, the new Director of Enrollment Services and Financial Aid, will start in mid-April; the area of Orientation and Outreach combined several current staff into a new unit and will report to the Dean of Access & Advising; and finally, the Director of Advising, Running Start & First Year Experience will be hired in late spring to oversee those areas and report to the Dean of Access and Advising.  

Accreditation Update 

As a reminder, the College received four commendations and five recommendations from our fall 2020 NWCCU accreditation visit. The following were the commendations: TSS and eLearning support during the pandemic; Financial Aid and the Foundation working together to provide emergency aid during the pandemic; the Library for continuous collaborative and welcome support services; and for a deep commitment to all our students during the pandemic through quick collaboration for emergency funding; for innovative and flexible faculty during the pandemic; and for concerned leadership, outreach, and action during the pandemic. The following were the five recommendations. We received two “Out of Compliance” recommendations: 

  • Provide evidence of a systematic method for collecting, storing, accessing, using, and sharing data for the purposes of on-going and systematic evaluation, planning, resource allocation and informing decision-making toward and achieving mission fulfillment. (2020 Standard(s) 1.B.1;1.B.2). 
  • Engage in assessment practices that focus on systematic and on-going assessment of course learning outcomes that lead to program learning outcomes in general education, all instructional and student support areas. Assessments must be used to improve student learning outcomes and inform academic and learning support-planning and practices. (2020 Standard(s) 1.C.5;1.C.6;1.C.7). 

We received three “Needs Improvement” recommendations: 

  • Use disaggregated student achievement data including persistence, completion, retention, and post-graduate success for continuous improvement to inform planning, decision making and allocation of resources. Performance on these indicators should be widely published and continually used to promote student achievement, improve student learning, and close equity gaps. (2020 Standard 1.D.2, 1.D.3 and 1.D.4). 
  • Develop and publish a transfer credit policy that clearly defines and maintains the integrity of its programs. This policy should facilitate the efficient mobility of students desirous of the completion of their educational credits, credentials, or degrees in furtherance of their academic goals. This policy should also be widely published and easily accessible. (2020 Standard 1.C.8). 
  • Manage financial resources transparently by defining, developing, and sharing financial processes, policies, and budget development decisions, including ongoing budget management and annual financial statements. Stakeholders should have opportunities for meaningful participation in the budget development process. (2020 Standards 2.E.2 and 2.E.3). 

COVID Emergency Funding 

During the fall quarter, the College was awarded an additional 1.2million dollars in emergency aid, bringing our total student allocation to $2,438,383 (HEERF 1 and 11). The College awarded CARES Emergency funds to 316 students for a total of $513,428.19; United Way of King County funds for a total of $62,482.79 ($138,000 award and matching funds for 2020-21); and Student Emergency Aid Grant (SEAG) funds for a total of $30,579 ($45,000 award for 2020-21). 

During the winter quarter the emergency aid team, led by Derek Levy, Mical DeGraaff, and Tigist Stangohr (amongst others in the Gender Equity Center, Benefits Hub, Financial Aid, and Foundation), distributed over $685,000 to over 460 students. This was accomplished through three additional strategies to improve distribution: heightened communication, including marketing and direct email; increased aid amounts in each category to maximum PELL; and identifying new opportunities for awarding exceptional aid. The highest demand was for tuition, books and supplies, housing, and groceries.  

Additionally, the College was notified of funds to be distributed related to the American Rescue Relief act (HEERF III). The College will receive an additional 4.2 million to be distributed in support of students. Funds need to be expended prior to December 31, 2021 (this date may be extended) and there will be greater flexibility in awarding this third set of funds. You can find more eligibility details on the COVID-19 Pandemic Assistance Fund page

Strategic Plan Goal 2: We continually strive for disciplined excellence and focused improvement in all that we do. 

The College’s Financial Position 

We are tracking well to our 2020-2021 budget. Items that are impacting both the operating and non-operating budget are increased Covid expenditures, decreased enrollment, reduced occupancy in student housing. A new operating budget review process has been implemented to provide more easily accessible financial information to assist budget owners in developing their 2021-2022 budgets. 

Limited Innovation Fund Grant (IFG) Opportunities 

An Innovation Grant Fund of $100,000 has been announced by the President and applications are being received and reviewed by the Strategic Budget Planning Council. This year’s grants are awarded for projects that increase student retention without increasing staff time. 

Employee Engagement – Staying Connected While Working Remotely  

If you are continuing to experience difficulties with working from home (due to lack of space, internet, etc.) and/or are struggling with other aspects of remote operations, Veronica Zura, Executive Director of Human Resources, is available to support problem-solving any remote operation needs. She can help identify options or troubleshoot issues for a variety of needs and you are encouraged to reach out to her directly at vzura@shoreline.edu or to anyone in HR for support. Alternately, you can also still connect with the free and confidential Employee Assistance Program (EAP) offered through the state by phone at (877) 313-4455. 

Waves and Shout-Outs Now Accept Photos 

Offering kudos to colleagues and groups at Shoreline has never been easier. There are two methods: “Waves of Gratitude” and “Shoreline Shout-outs.” Use Waves of Gratitude to acknowledge the work of an individual who has shown great distinction in their work, gone the extra mile to provide a service, or demonstrated an extraordinary attitude in the face of adversity. If you wish to acknowledge the work of a group, team, or division, use the Shoreline Shout-outs. Both now have an added feature of being able to upload a photo in the submission form. Photos can represent the fruits of the individual or group’s labor, a picture of the people involved, or some related artwork. Submission forms are located on the Human Resources page on the Intranet. Submissions are compiled and submitted to Day at a Glance (DAAG) by the Employee Recognition Committee, who encourages everyone to raise up those around them and share some good news and images. 

Residence Hall Update 

The residence hall occupancy is remaining steady at 38%. This allows every resident to have a private restroom and is Covid compliant. We are working to keep students in the residence hall connected to financial and social resources and there have been no incidents of Covid in the building. 

Capital Construction Update 

We are making steady progress on the Health Sciences & Advanced Manufacturing Classroom Complex. The first buildings will be demolished to make room for construction this summer. Working with faculty, staff, and administrators, the process has begun to move the contents out of the buildings by the end of June. 

Foundation Update 

Shoreline Community College Foundation is playing a vital role in providing emergency aid and scholarships to Shoreline students during this challenging time. In the 2020-2021 academic year, the Foundation has secured and distributed over $300,000 in emergency aid and has awarded over $150,000 in scholarships. This year, the Foundation launched the Edwin T. Pratt Students of Color Scholarship and the Margaret Watkins-Grimm Women’s Scholarship to support women and POC students at Shoreline. In addition, through the tireless efforts of Foundation staff member Michelle Cimaroli, we recently received a $50,000 contribution from a private donor in support of student success. The Foundation is excited to continue its fundraising work to support student aid and Shoreline’s capital projects.  

Improvements to the College Website 

The staff in Communications & Marketing continues to engage in multiple College website projects, with quarterly updates being shared on DAAG to keep the campus community informed of notable updates and plans. The team recently partnered with Workforce to redesign a streamlined Workforce page, and also launched a new landing page for ads that target displaced and unemployed workers. The Day of Learning Intranet page was also redesigned for this year’s event.  

For spring quarter, the web team is focused on implementing clearer website governance guidance and procedures, engaging in over 100 user research tests, and planning for significant large-scale ctcLink-related web changes that will begin to take place over summer and fall. Additional redesign projects that will begin this quarter include making improvements to student support pages, launching a new Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion page, a new Land Acknowledgement page, an improved scholarships page, making improvements to the site’s data tracking and analytics, and improving the search engine optimization (SEO) of key pages. 

Summer 2020 Operating Hours 

Based on current health data and the ongoing timeline for widespread vaccinations, the College will continue remote learning and operations through summer quarter (ending August 24, 2021).  

As with prior summer quarters, the College will move to public operating hours of Monday through Thursday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and Friday 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. These summer operating hours will be in effect Monday, June 28 through Friday, September 3, 2021. Supervisors are responsible for working with their staff to confirm remote operation summer schedules that meet the business needs of the College, as well as to inform the public and the Shoreline community of the upcoming summer change to operating hours. Staff members need to discuss and confirm remote operation summer work schedule with their supervisors and ensure updated summer schedules are entered into the TLR system by the first week of June 2021. 

Please note: Staff may request to keep their current schedule (for example, five days of 8-hour shifts) and supervisors are encouraged to approve these requests where appropriate as long as the business needs of the College continue to be met. Additional questions about summer business hours or staff schedules may be directed to scchr@shoreline.edu

ctcLink Project Update 

The ctcLink project has hit a critical milestone as we prepare to go live in early 2022. Over 100 Subject Matter Experts are currently engaged in multiple day-long Business Process Fit Gap Sessions from March through May, along with time intensive homework assignments to help prepare data files for testing in ctcLink this June. This marks the first of several testing and validation cycles that will take place over the next eight months to ensure that the system is set up properly to support our students, faculty, and staff. Thank you to everyone working hard to help us prepare for this transformation.

For a quick update on where we are now in the project and how ctcLink will benefit you, please check out our latest ctcLink Update Video. Also, please be sure to visit The ctcLink, Shoreline’s ctcLink newsletter for updates over the coming months. 

Strategic Plan Goal 3: We ensure that a climate of intentional inclusion permeates our decisions and practices, which demonstrate principles of ecological integrity, social equity, and economic viability. 

Day of Learning 

The College is preparing for our Day of Learning (DOL) that will take place on Friday, April 30 from 8:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. The theme of this year’s event is “How Do We Foster Inclusive Change at Shoreline?” We are planning meaningful sessions that will be offered by our campus colleagues and carefully curated by the Diversity, Equity & Inclusive Learning Team (DEI-LT) and with support by the Inclusive Excellence Steering Committee. In addition, we will be honoring the service milestones of our employees in the afternoon, celebrating a total of 875 years of service for those recognized.  

Aisha Hauser has been working with the College since December with the intention of supporting the Diversity, Equity & Inclusive (DEI) professional learning, first with the Admin Team and Classified Supervisors, and now with the DEI Learning Team as they prepare for the DOL. Ms. Hauser’s work is rooted in empowering people to learn to have difficult conversations with the intention of having meaningful dialogue about race and identity. She is offering two more workshops in April along with one on the Day of Learning. Learn more about her pre-Day of Learning sessions

Upcoming Virtual Events – Mark Your Calendar 

Check the Employee Calendar for more information about these events: 

  • Pre-DOL Workshop “Identity & ‘The Danger of a Single Story’” – Friday, April 9
  • Pre-DOL Workshop “Race & Identity” – Friday, April 16 
  • Title IX Refresher Training – Wednesday, April 21 
  • Introduction to Title IX – Wednesday, April 28 
  • Day of Learning – Friday, April 30  
  • Zoom Hall Campus Update Meeting #1 – Friday, May 14
  • Zoom Hall Campus Update Meeting #2 – Friday, June 11 
  • Commencement – Saturday, June 19 
  • Employee Retirement Celebration – Date to be announced 

While we have much work to do, I want to be mindful that we each manage our well-being, both mentally and physically. Taking care of ourselves will help us to serve our students with care and support as we find new ways to come together. Welcome to spring quarter! 


Cheryl Roberts, Ed.D. 


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