HSAMCC – Update With Photos

  • Phase 1 Logistics plan is in full effect. Signage is up, fence lines have been shifted, and the construction site is now fully contained. All site visitors need to check in the site office and wear proper PPE if out on site.
  • Clearing and grubbing of vegetation around the perimeter of the 2500 building has been completed.
  • TESC (temporary erosion sediment control) program to manage stormwater runoff is in place. The 5,000 gallon capacity tank seen onsite is in place to assist with this.
  • Rerouting of underground power to 2300 was completed.
  • Temporary parking and striping at the track have been finished.
  • Demolition started on Monday 9/27 and the 2500 building is completely down. Along with the demolition of the 2400 North Building and greenhouse. Dust control measures work as intended.

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