HSAMCC- Progress Updates

  • The first concrete pour for the project for the structural footings began on 12/1/21. Concrete foundation work was moving as scheduled prior to Local 174 Teamsters going on strike effecting our ability to get concrete. The strike is still ongoing, and the project completion date has been pushed back a few weeks due to these impacts to our critical path. Further, the snow fall after Christmas stalled progress in the month of December as well. The team continues to make do by performing other work that isn’t associated with concrete.
  • New underground storm and plumbing piping within the building footprint started and is making progress and got about 30% complete in these areas. Major sections of pipe that have been tested and inspected have begun the process of being backfilled.
  • Notices continue to be shared with the College’s campus neighbors on changing site conditions and traffic updates.
hsamcc building updates
hsamcc building update
hsamcc building update

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