Guided Pathways E-Newsletter Tuesday- April 26, 2022. Fourth edition

What is this Newsletter for? 

This newsletter is an effort to keep campus employees informed of our Guided Pathways-related efforts, to share stories from projects, and address questions. It is intended to complement our Canvas site, our update reports, and any webinars that we may offer. 

Spotlight: SBCTC Workplan

Dutch and Brigid were invited to present to the Board of Trustees for a “Study Session” on Thursday April 21. Since there was a range of familiarity with GP, we spent a good amount of time explaining the “why” and “what” of GP, before giving an example of a data-informed project. We concluded with an overview of the work we’ve been doing this year and our plans for next. The recording and PowerPoint slide deck will be available in May.

Planning next year

Over the next month we’ll be planning out the projects, project leadership needs, and expenditures for next year. We expect to have over $1 million, from the legislature, to support these diverse projects.

Want more? If you would like to have Brigid and Dutch – or project-specific representatives – come to your department or division meeting to present or answer questions, please get in touch.

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