Campus cleaning

Good Afternoon,

Although there are no known cases of COVID-19 on our campus at this time, the Facilities department has implemented additional daily cleaning measures on high-touch areas across campus. Given the number of questions being received on this topic, I am sending responses to recent FAQs.

  1. What additional cleaning methods has the College implemented in response to recently confirmed regional cases of COVID-19?

The custodial team has implemented a daily schedule to disinfect campus tables, desks, restroom partition doors, hand and guard rails, and doorknobs/push plates.

  1. What can I do to help keep my area disinfected?

While the custodial team is focused on tables, desks, restrooms, doorknobs, and other high touch point locations across campus, individual employees should ensure they are disinfecting their work phones, keyboards, computers/printers, and other individual work items on a daily basis.

  1. Where can I get disinfectant or wipes to clean my personal work items?

Facilities has submitted a large order for additional hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes, and surface cleaners. There is a backlog of orders currently unfilled due to increased demands by the public for these products. While the College awaits the arrival of this order, paper towels can be used with hand sanitizer to clean work items.

  1. Where are sanitizer dispensers located on campus?

Current Locations: 9200 Main Dining Room and Serving Room, 9100 by South Door, 1600 Lobby, 5100 Facilities Office, 5200 Hallway near Front Door and Counseling Center, 5300 Hallway by Front Door, 2300 West and Eastside Entrances, 1721 Computer Lab, 4200 Main Entrance

New Locations (added as soon as supplies arrive): 3100 Hallway near Weight Room, 3200 Main Doors, 1000 Main Entrances, 1500 Hallway, 2900 Upper Annex, 4100 Entrances, 2000 Entrances, 800 Entrances, 9300 Hallway, 2100 Upper Hallway, 2800 Main Lobby

  1. Given that the majority of our custodial team works an afternoon/evening shift, what is being done to address disinfecting needs of high touch areas throughout the day?

In addition to the existing day shift custodian, additional staff will be re-assigned on a temporary basis to support ongoing disinfecting of high-touch areas throughout the day. This will redirect efforts not related to COVID 19 response, so there will be a noted decrease in vacuuming and other routine services.

  1. My area does not appear to have been cleaned within the last day. Who should I tell?

Please submit a work request online so that Facilities staff can be assigned to complete the missed area immediately.

If you have additional questions on the College’s COVID-19 response, please visit the Campus COVID-19/Coronavirus Webpage to review campus communications, resources and links to support. If you have Facilities questions in addition to those addressed above, please reach out to Sherri Walley at or Jason Francois ( at any time.

Thank you,
Jason Francois, MBA
Director of Facilities and Capital Projects

Changes to campus shuttle service

Out of an abundance of care to minimize any risks related to coronavirus (COVID-19), the campus shuttle service will be modified as of March 5th as follows:
  • The interior of the vans will be wiped down with disinfectant after each round trip, each day that it is in service.
  • The shuttles will stop at the Sears Lot and Aurora Avenue every 30-45 minutes, rather than every 15 minutes, to allow time for the cleaning. The vans will also be cleaned after each grocery shuttle run.
  • To accommodate any additional parking needs, the Greenwood Parking Lot will be opened. Students who wish to park there will not need to purchase a parking pass through the end of the quarter.
  • As a reminder, if you are not feeling well or have any cold/flu symptoms, please do not ride the shuttle and consider staying home from class. Contact your instructors, who can help you continue your coursework remotely.

We understand this change may create some inconvenience and we apologize if this impacts your daily schedule. The health and well-being of our campus community is our priority. It is possible that should the risks around COVID-19 increase, the College may need to suspend the shuttle service temporarily at some point in the future.

Thank you for your understanding during this public health situation. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Safety & Security.

Update on campus coronavirus (COVID-19) precautions

Dear Colleague, 

You have likely heard about a number of confirmed cases of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) in King and Snohomish Countiesincluding the recent death of two individuals in King County. The health and well-being of our campus community is important. As this public health situation continues to develop, the College is providing as much updated information to you as possible to let you know what we are doing to monitor and respond. 

How the College is Responding 

The College’s Communicable Disease Task Force has been activated for several weeks and is closely monitoring developments and following guidance from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Washington Department of Health, and Public Health – Seattle & King CountyBased on current recommendations, our focus is on providing education about good health habits, ensuring the campus is prepared with appropriate supplies and resources, and establishing response plans should the outbreak become more widespread in the local community. 

At this point, we are not aware of any known or suspected cases of COVID-19 on our campus, and campus remains open as usual. 

Preparing Our Campus 

We have ordered additional supplies, such as hand sanitizer and soap, to ensure all buildings are adequately supplied. Our custodial staff is paying additional attention to sanitation of high touchpoint areas on campus. We are in contact with any students or employees who are known to have recently returned from international travel and we are providing additional support to students living in the residence hall. 

Nursing Students and Clinical Rotations 

We are aware that nursing students at Lake Washington Tech have had cases of contact related to COVID-19 at one of their clinical sites. For Shoreline, all of our clinical sites have been contacted and we are maintaining vigilance to support our students and faculty in those sites to keep them safe, and ensure that if there were to be any inadvertent contacts, the students and faculty maintain themselves in a safe environment until healthy. 

What Will Happen if an Outbreak Continues 

The College is ready to activate various response protocols should additional measures need to be taken. Some of those scenarios could include: shifting classes and employee work to online or telecommuting options, canceling certain activities or events to minimize exposure risk, up to closing the campus for a period of time. We will continue to follow the advice of local and national health authorities and will immediately alert students and employees to any changes in College operations. 

In the meantime, if you have COVID-19-related questions at Shoreline, you may contact the following individuals: 

  • For Student Concerns: Derek LevyActing Vice President of Students, Equity & Success (206-546-4544) or Yushin Wung, International Student Engagement Manager (206-546-6924). 
  • For Employee Concerns: Veronica Zura, Executive Director of Human Resources (206-546-7858). 

Actions You Should Take Now 

The most important action you can take right now is to follow basic personal health prevention measures: 

  • Stay home when you are sick, for your health and others’. 
  • Know the symptoms of COVID-19: fever, cough, and difficulty breathing. 
  • Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. If soap and water are not available, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.  
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands.  
  • Avoid close contact with people who are sick.  
  • Cover your mouth and nose with your elbow or a tissue when you cough or sneeze; immediately throw the tissue in the trash and then wash or disinfect your hands. 
  • Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces (including laptops and cell phones) 

Preparations If You Need to Work from Home 

Supervisors should work with their staff this week to identify a workfromhome plan that could be implemented in the coming weeks if needed. Considerations should include technology or other needs for any timesensitive tasks that may need to be completed from home. Employees not yet authorized for telework should contact Human Resources ( or 206-546-4769). 

Istudents are concerned about their own personal health, they are being asked to contact their instructors to update them about their health concerns and request options for remote access or support via online instruction if needed. 

Please remember, if you become illwe ask that you takappropriate precautions to maintain your health and the health of others. 

Additional Considerations 

  • Prepare your home in case you become ill or the campus needs to close: Have basic food and medical supplies stocked and make plans for alternate family care arrangements in the event of other school or childcare closures. 
  • Be aware of stigma related to COVID-19 and stand against it. The risk of novel coronavirus is not at all connected with race, ethnicity or nationality; yet in some places the fear of the spread of the disease has resulted in incidents of bias and harassment against groups of people, including those of Asian heritage. As stated in Shoreline’s Community Standard, the College does not tolerate any hateful, violent, or discriminatory actions. 

I know this is a stressful time and it is natural to feel worried about your own and your loved ones’ health. Please know the College is being responsive to this evolving situation and taking precautions to reduce risks for our campus community. We will continue to provide regular updates and information. Your safety, health, and well-being are our primary concern. 

Thank you for your continued care in serving our students and supporting each other, 

Cheryl Roberts, Ed.D. 


Message from President Roberts: Welcome to Winter Quarter 2020

Dear Colleague,

Happy New Year! Welcome back to campus after what was hopefully restful and re-energizing break for you. This quarter will be a tender time on campus, as we engage in the difficult but necessary work of rebalancing our budget. Amidst budgetary challenges and potential organizational changes, I know many people may be experiencing feelings of uncertainty, anxiety, or frustrationMy hope is that we each do our best to focus on supporting one another, treating each other with care, and looking for constructive ways to problem solve, with the best interests of our students at heart. This speaks to the character of us as a college community, something we all hold dear and special about Shoreline. 

Here are some important updates and announcements I want to share with you as we begin a new quarter. 

Strategic Plan Goal 1: We attract students and community learners and ensure successful attainment of their goals through our programs, services, and teaching and learning environments. 

Winter Quarter Student Enrollment Update  

As of Monday, January 6, overall enrollment was down 80 FTE (-1.9%), with state-supported FTE down by 81 (-2.7%), international contract enrollment down 6 FTE (-0.7%), and Running Start enrollment up by 28 FTE (+12.2%).  We are also welcoming 65 more new students compared to last winter (9.5% increase in headcount). Daily updated enrollment information is available on the report server to any employee. 


The Accreditation Coordinating Team met twice in fall quarter, with 12 follow-up meetings between individuals and the College’s Accreditation Liaison Officer (ALO), Bayta Maring. In winter quarter, expect a visit from Executive Director Maring at division or department meetings to review some of the information included in the comprehensive self-study, provide additional feedback and information, and learn more about what to expect at the site visit in October 2020. 

Guided Pathways Update

The Guided Pathways initiative allows a college to undertake a full review of all processes and systems – improving intake, enrollment, and retentionThe College held two general information sessions for Guided Pathways (GP) in the fall quarter. Over 100 employees attended these sessions and there appears to be great interest in the work. At the end of the fall quarter, seven employees applied and were awarded a role in leading GP for the College. Assignments are being finalized this month. Please stay tuned for more information about GP work for the College. 

Health, Science & Advanced Manufacturing Classroom Complex (HSAMCC) 

The Health, Science & Advanced Manufacturing Classroom Complex is on pace to complete the final architectural design and permitting in late winter quarter. This is the first new academic building in 30 years and will provide state-of-the-industry learning facilities, as well as faculty and staff offices, for chemistry, biology, medical laboratory technology, advanced manufacturing, bio-manufacturing, engineering, computer science, and clean energy technology. Construction is scheduled to begin in summer 2020, at which time the manufacturing and dental hygiene programs will relocate to new short-term locations (please watch for more information about these locations this week). The College continues to work with the City of Shoreline to obtain building permits and final construction pricing to keep the building progressing toward a winter 2022 opening. 

Dental Hygiene Program Temporary Location 

As of Friday, December 20, 2019, the College identified a new location for our current first-year dental hygiene students to complete their program, starting summer quarter 2020. While we are still finalizing the details with the partner organization, an initial message was sent to dental hygiene faculty, staff, students, the president of the dental hygiene advisory committee, and our dental partners to let them know about this development. The new arrangement will provide a short-term solution for housing the program while the College continues to identify a long-term solution through an evaluation of our budget, our facilities, and opportunities for outside support. More details about this location will be shared later this week. 

Strategic Plan Goal 2: We continually strive for disciplined excellence and focused improvement in all that we do. 

Inclement Weather & Suspended Operations Reminder 

With the forecast calling for potential snow in the near future, please be sure to review the 2019-20 Suspended Operations Memo and check if your contact information in Rave Alert is up to date. Questions about closure information can be directed to your supervisor or to Human Resources any time. 

Housing Update & Great Room Reservations 

7000 Campus Living had an exciting fall quarter, with 225 students in our inaugural on-campus community. The Resident Assistants (Mashal, Nicholas, Emilie, and Bella) along with Assistant Director, Meghan Winter, helped build community by holding over 25 events and programs in the hall such as community dinners, yoga, a body positivity program, grocery bingo, stress relief and financial management workshops, a trip to a Sounders game, and a visit to Leavenworth. The building has 95.6% occupancy for winter quarter with 49% domestic students and 51% international students. Additionally, the Great Room is now available to reserve for meetings or gatherings. For questions about space reservations, please contact Jenifer Aydelotte. 

Capital Campaign Update 

Our Capital Campaign to raise $3 million for our HSAMCC has secured over $700,000 in pledges since September. Meetings are scheduled for January with potential individual and biotech industry donors for major gift requests. A second gathering in The Highlands neighborhood will take place on January 18 to develop and deepen the residents’ knowledge of the College and our new building. Campaign Cabinet members have talked with retirees and alumni who are interested in attending a retiree and alumni event in April to learn about the new building and giving opportunities. Grants from foundations and corporations are being explored and assessed. Contacts with the funding organizations and preliminary preparation of proposals are underway.  

2020-21 Budget Planning Process 

During fall quarter, all departments completed their unit area assessments. These were reviewed by ET and questions were forwarded to deans and directors as needed. Following an internal review, ET is developing recommendations for the 2020-21 budget. These recommendations will be communicated to employees during the week of January 20 with a first presentation to the Board of Trustees on January 22, 2020. 

Continued Work on the College Website 

As part of the College’s digital roadmap, significant structural work continues on the website. Following the completion of several projects from fall quarter, three large projects are in progress for the remainder of the academic year. First, the Apply & Aid section of the site will be revamped to help students through the enrollment process. Second, a new landing page for support services for students will be built to improve how students can find and access services. Finally, the home page and main menus will be redesigned and restructured to improve usability, clarify navigation, and allow for more dynamic content. All three of these projects take focused time, effort, and input from students and employees to complete, so please be mindful that the web team will be prioritizing work on these projects the next two quarters. The end results will greatly benefit our prospective and current students! 

ctcLink Work & New Hours for Enrollment Services, Financial Aid & Cashiering 

We officially kicked off the ctcLink project with a visit by the State Board for Community and Technical Colleges (SBCTC) in October 2019. We have begun the process of moving to PeopleSoft — a modern, web-based, mobile-friendly enterprise software system — and will go live in early 2022. In the fall, over 100 administrative staff and classified managers engaged in change and transition management workshops to help us prepare for the changes ahead. A change management book club starts soon; email if you’d like to join in.  

Departments across campus are now conducting “business process mapping” sessions, which allows us to better understand the work we do today, look to streamline and improve processes, and ensure we account for our needs as we move to ctcLink. To get this work done, the following offices in Building 5000 (FOSS) will have adjusted hours beginning Tuesday, January 21, 2020:  

  • Enrollment Services & Financial Aid – Closed Wednesdays 8-11 a.m. 
  • Cashiering – Closed Tuesdays 8-11 a.m. 

Conversations with Executive Team 

As of fall quarter, the newly named “Conversations with the Executive Team” continued to explore key areas of concern and provided updates to classified staff, exempt employees, and faculty. Written updates will be shared as progress is made during winter quarter. We will meet again in mid-spring quarter to share accomplishments and continue addressing areas improvements to communication and strengthen our relationship. Here are some updates on the areas explored this past spring:  

  • Classified Staff: Based on staff feedback, Jason Francois, Director of Facilities, has implemented an updated custodial checklist for assigned areas, as well as a quarterly schedule for in-depth cleaning projects across campus. Director Francois has also reinstated a quarterly maintenance schedule of review for areas on campus needing routine updates, such as paint touch ups or similar projects to ensure office and instructional spaces are kept refreshed.  
  • Exempt Employees: The administrative and exempt employees reviewed a final draft of the professional assessment fall quarter. The piloting of the assessment will continue through spring quarter with feedback for improvements to be made in time for full implementation in fall 2020 
  • Faculty: Faculty members expressed an interest in building greater clarity and transparency around College committee and governance work. Following a review of the College’s committee pages on the Intranet, a small team met this summer to review current committees, place a call for membership through committee chairs, and begin clean-up of the committee Intranet page. This work will include establishing a clear College governance guide, ensuring defunct committee work is archived, finalizing charters for all active committees, and supporting committees to update and maintain a consistent online presence. For more information on committees, please contact Pilar Corder. 

 Employee Recognition Committee 

The recognition committee has created a new mechanism for employees to recognize and appreciate their colleagues starting winter quarter. “Waves of Gratitude” is a tool for peer-to-peer recognition to share above-and-beyond acts of service across the campus. Submissions will be shared with the campus on Day at A Glance (DAAG) each month. A submission form will be available in the next week, so please look for the official announcement in your daily DAAG email message. 

Strategic Planning 

Our Strategic Planning Steering Committees made great strides in 2018-19 and provided the Executive Team (ET) with recommendations for consideration. ET reviewed the recommendations from the Ecological Integrity, the Disciplined Excellence, and the Communication, Marketing & Community Engagement Steering Committees and found them to be thoughtful and well developed. While the College won’t be able to complete all the recommendations in one year, ET is looking at how to use the remaining years of our Strategic Plan (2016-21) to make these recommendations come to life. 

The Disciplined Excellence Steering Committee (DESC) met with several members of ctcLink leadership team (Joe Chiappa, Ann Garnsey-Harter, Cheryl Roberts, and Gavin Smith), as most of their recommendations will fall within the scope of ctcLink and continuous improvement of College processes. The intent is to sunset DESC and fold their recommendations into ctcLink work, with DESC activating as an advisory group within ctcLink when appropriate.  

Governance and Committees Updates 

During the fall quarter, several staff worked on assessing the activities of the college through our council and committee structure. This work was reviewed by Faculty Senate in late fall quarter. During winter quarter, both the College Council and Faculty Senate will begin working on the College’s governance policy, which will include a refresh of the College governance and committees web page on the intranet. 

Strategic Plan Goal 3: We ensure that a climate of intentional inclusion permeates our decisions and practices, which demonstrate principles of ecological integrity, social equity, and economic viability. 

Ecological Integrity Steering Committee (EISC) Work  

The EISC committee made several recommendations that were accepted by ET for the fall 2019 quarter.  EISC met several times over the course of fall term. For the remaining quarters of 2020, the committee will focus on developing a learning tour utilizing our Tree Campus designation, working closely with the new Sustainability Curriculum Coordinator Marek Wyzgowski to develop sustainability modules, and to develop activities for the annual Earth Week celebration. 

Opportunity Gap Update 

The purpose of the Opportunity Gap Committee is to use research and best practices to identify broader group-level patterns of our students’ learning experiences in and outside of the classroom. The Committee will review data on our students of color, first generation, and low-income students as they navigate Shoreline and provide recommendations for how to improve their experience. This research will inform our retention efforts as we focus as a College on reducing barriers so our students can to complete their educational goals. The Committee is excited to hold their third meeting on January 17. 

Inclusive Excellence Steering Committee Update 

The Inclusive Excellence Steering Committee (IESC) is focused on providing recommendations on the work associated with diversity, equity & inclusion (DEI) at the College. In addition, the group will be continuing the work to provide recommendations for an Inclusive Excellence framework and scorecard that can be implemented at Shoreline. The group will spend time to continue to learn about best practices for implementing Inclusive Excellence frameworks, via online research, site visits, connecting with colleagues, and/or attending relevant conferences. The group will hold their second meeting in January. 

Additional Emergency Funding and Scholarships for Students 

There’s great news to share regarding increased funding opportunities for students: 

  • Emergency Grants – The Foundation will receive $100,000 over two years from the SBCTC to assist students with emergency situations to ensure they can stay in school (this is in addition to the $125,000 currently funded by United Way of King County) 
  • Scholarships for New Students – Thanks to a generous local citizen, new students to Shoreline can apply to receive a scholarship award from the new $550,000 Eva C. Gordon Memorial Scholarship 
  • Washington College Grant Widens Financial Aid Criteria – New statewide funding opportunity coming fall 2020 will allow many median and low-income families to attend college for free or at a reduced price 

You can read more about what these opportunities will mean for our students in this article on our news blog. 

Avanti Markets Has Arrived on Campus 

The College is pleased to announce that Avanti Markets is now on campus as our new food service provider! The grand opening event takes place Wednesday, January 8 (9 a.m. – 2 p.m.), with a raffle, free samples, and a $2.00 credit for all students and employees. As shared in November, Avanti provides convenient, healthy fresh entrees, snacks, and beverages in a self-service format, known as a micro-market, located in the cafeteria space in the PUB Building 9000. Meals are available anytime the PUB is open in the unstaffed retail space in the Main Dining Room, and coffee drinks are available in the PUB lobby. Food is restocked daily and patrons pay at kiosks using cash, credit/debit card, mobile app, Apple pay, or with a fingerprint 

To supplement the market’s grab-and-go-choices, will rotate food trucks on campus each week, starting in mid-January. More details about the schedule (and a food truck survey) will be shared soonTo keep these food trucks on campus, there will need to be enough business generated for them to be profitable, so please encourage colleagues and students to use this great option for hot food offerings. 

Vice President for Business & Administrative Services Position Reorganization 

As I shared with you in December, no hire was made for the Vice President for Business & Administrative Services (VPBAS) from the Fall 2019 applicant pool. After reviewing the position description and speaking with the screening committee and the directors in the Office of Business & Administrative Services, the job duties have been refocused. Previously, the VPBAS position included the major responsibilities of Auxiliary Services, Budget/Finance, Facilities/Capital Projects, Human Resources, Safety & Security, and Technology Support Services.  

Beginning January 2020, Human Resources will report directly to me and Executive Director of Human Resources Veronica Zura will become a member of the Executive Team for the College. Safety & Security will report to Executive Director Zura. In addition, Technology Support Services (TSS) will be moved under the Office of Student Learning as of July 1 to capitalize on the opportunity to align TSS with strategic enrollment initiatives and continuous support and interaction with eLearning. Through June 30, the current organizational structure will remain in place with TSS reporting to Executive Director Ann Garnsey-Harter through the Office of the President. The College will re-open the VPBAS position in January with updates posted to campus throughout the next few months. Any questions you have may be directed to Human Resources. 

January Minimum Wage Increase 

Beginning in January 2020, the Washington state minimum wage will increase to $13.50/hour. The Office of Human Resources will be updating all impacted job rates and noticing impacted employees of their new rate. Feel free to contact Human Resources with any questions 

MLK Day of ServiceCommunity Clean-Up & Food Drive 

Join Shoreline students, employees, and neighbors on Monday, January 20 as we come together to raise in-kind donations for our Benefits Hub, which provides food resources to students in need. We will also engage in a community clean-up on and around the Shoreline Community College campus and the streets that border the College. Community members are encouraged to join us at 9 a.m. for our service kickoff and can choose the best project that meets their interest. We will be splitting up into teams, with some groups heading to neighborhood stores for a food drive and others hitting the streets to engage in a beautification project. Spread the word and sign up on the United Way website.  

Upcoming Winter Events: Mark Your Calendars! 

  • New Employee Orientation – Monday, January 13 (8:30 a.m.-5 p.m., PUB Room 9201) 
  • MLK Volunteer Day of Service – Monday, January 20 (9 a.m. – noon) 
  • Not-So-New Employee Orientation – Friday, January 31 (8:30 a.m.-5 p.m., PUB Room 9208)
  • Campus Budget Updates – Thursday, January 23; Thursday, February 20; and Thursday, March 12 (1:30 – 3:00 p.m., PUB Main Dining Room) 

Many times, I have seen on this campus that when we pull together in support of our students, we achieve great things. I look forward to working closely with you this quarter in continued support of that transformative work.   

With best regards, 

Cheryl Roberts, Ed.D. 


Message from President Roberts: Welcome to Fall 2019!

Dear Colleague, 

Thank you to all those who attended this year’s Fall Convocation & Opening Week! I hope these events made you feel welcomed and prepared for a successful new quarter and academic year as we navigate some changes together. I also hope that you were able to take advantage of opportunities to rest, reflect, and regenerate over the summer months in order to be ready to dive back into our work. I know I am ready!  

While some of our work this year will not be easy or comfortable, I am confident that if we work collaboratively and keep our steadfast focus on the success of our students, we will achieve great outcomes and the College will continue to deliver on our promise to our diverse students and communities. Here are some important updates I want to share with you as we enter a busy fall quarter together. 


Strategic Plan Goal 1: We attract students and community learners and ensure successful attainment of their goals through our programs, services, and teaching and learning environments. 

Student Enrollment and Retention Update 

The College has undertaken several measures to ensure we are appropriately managing enrollment and retention. Here are a few highlights: 

  • Executive Team members receive a daily enrollment report that conveys year-to-year comparisons, separated by key FTE areas. 
  • Current year-to-date (compared to last year) is showing that we are slightly ahead in domestic FTE and slightly behind in international FTE. Areas of potential growth are for new students, veterans, online learning, and Running Start. 
  • The College instituted a just-in-time strategic enrollment management team (SEM) that has been meeting weekly to discuss and ensure we are clearing the path to student enrollment. Members in the group represent Advising, Enrollment Services & Financial Aid, Office of Student Learning, and Communications & Marketing, along with additional campus partners to ensure we maximize our enrollment appropriately.
  • The SEM team will be looking at the College’s retention efforts by partnering with student services areas within the Division of Students, Equity & Success. Additionally, there will be an added focus related to reviewing and recommending opportunity gaps for our students. 

Accreditation Work 

The College is entering its final year of our seven-year cycle for our accreditation self-study. As a part of that final year, we will be undertaking an effort to update our programs (per our regular cycle of review and within the context of budget review), an accreditation work group will lead the larger review, we will write our self-study, we will undertake a mock site visit in May 2020, and then submit our written self-study in August 2020. Following the submission, the assigned NWCCU visiting team will visit our campus in October 2020.   

In order to prepare for the review, the writing, and the visit, the College reconstituted the Accreditation Coordinating Committee. The College’s Accreditation Liaison Officer Bayta Maring has been working with each constituent group to finalize the team and begin the work. If you would like more information or would like to assist, please contact Bayta Maring.


Strategic Plan Goal 2: We continually strive for disciplined excellence and focused improvement in all that we do. 

ctcLink Update 

Our legacy HP computing system is 35 years old and in dire need of replacement. As part of the statewide ctcLink project, we will be moving to a new system called PeopleSoft — a modern, web-based, mobile-friendly enterprise software system. Students and employees will have access to a wide range of resources via the web and mobile devices. The State Board for Community and Technical Colleges has created a schedule that ensures all 34 colleges switch to the new system in a synchronized way so there is no disruption for students. Our College will go live with PeopleSoft in October 2021 — two years from now — so we are in the “Initiation” phase now. We must stay on schedule so that the overall statewide project can finish on time and within budget.  

While most of our College processes will change as part of ctcLink, some computing resources and processes will not be changing, such as your email and the phone system. I want you to know that while we go through the technical changes involved in ctcLink, we will not forget about the people side of change. We all know that organizations don’t change, people do.   

Our ctcLink project now has a dedicated Organizational Change & Project Manager (OCPM). Joe Chiappa started Monday, September 23 and is in office 1204 (ext. 6682). This ctcLink introductory video and Powerpoint presentation debuted at Opening Week and you can also stay up to date with the project via our ctcLink web page. 

Health, Science & Advanced Manufacturing Classroom Complex Update 

Since Spring 2019, a great deal of progress has been made on the design of the Health Sciences & Advanced Manufacturing Classroom Complex (HSAMCC). HSAMCC is a new state-funded 51,000 square foot building that will be constructed on the location of the current 2500 Building. Working with our project partners over several months, we have successfully reduced the target construction budget by over 8%, representing a projected savings of almost $2.8 million in construction costs, while maintaining a sharp focus on the functionality as well as the teaching and learning experience for our student, faculty, and staff spaces. We are beginning the final stage of architectural design and will work with the City of Shoreline this fall and winter to obtain building permits and final construction pricing before breaking ground in summer 2020. 

Courageous Conversations: Conversations with the Executive Team 

This year we will transition from Courageous Conversations to Conversations with the Executive Team. We have explored key area concerns and want to continue working on these and providing progress updates to each employee group. We will meet twice in fall term with individual employee groups and then once per quarter in winter and spring to share accomplishments and continue addressing areas where we can improve communication and strengthen our relationship. Here are some updates on the areas explored this past spring: 

  • Classified StaffBased on classified staff feedback, Jason Francois, Director of Facilities, is working with the College’s custodial team to implement updated custodial checklists for assigned areas as well as creating a quarterly schedule for in-depth cleaning projects across campus. Director Francois will also work with the maintenance team to re-instate a quarterly schedule of review for areas on campus needing routine updates, such as paint touch ups or similar projects to ensure office and instructional spaces are kept refreshed. 
  • Exempt EmployeesOver the summer, administrative and exempt employees reviewed a draft of an annual performance assessment tool and procedures to consider piloting in the next year. 
  • FacultyFaculty members expressed an interest in building greater clarity and transparency around College committee and governance work. Following a review of the College’s committee pages on the Intranet, a small team met this summer to review current committees, place a call for membership through committee chairs, and begin clean-up of the committee Intranet page. This work will include establishing a clear College governance guide, ensuring defunct committee work is archived, finalizing charters for all active committees, and supporting committees to update and maintain a consistent online presence. For more information on committees, please contact Pilar Corder or Janelle Lavin. 

Employee Recognition Advisory Group 

Some employees have expressed an interest in putting together an organized plan of events to connect employees and acknowledge the good work being done throughout the College. As a result, a new advisory group has been formed that will meet once or twice a quarter to develop a plan for campus events to recognize and acknowledge our employees, led by Pilar Corder, Executive Assistant of Employee Engagement. To become involved in this group, please email Pilar Corder with subject title “Recognition Advisory Group.” We hope to have three to four members from each employee group and wide representation from campus departments. 

Not-So-New Employee Orientation 

With our New Employee Orientation getting rave reviews, we’ve heard that current employees would like to have a similar experience. We listened to this feedback and have responded. Sign up now for the first upcoming Not-So-New Employee Orientation on October 25! It will be a great way to connect with colleagues and continue to learn what is happening at the College. We know that being an inclusive college means we’re the best resources we can be for our students. Let’s enjoy learning so we can deliver on this promise. 

Strategic Plan Steering Committee Update and Call for Applications 

Our Strategic Planning Steering Committees made great strides in 2018-19 and provided the Executive Team with recommendations to consider. The Executive Team has reviewed the recommendations from the Ecological Integrity, the Disciplined Excellence, and the Communication, Marketing & Community Engagement Steering Committeeand found them to be thoughtful and well developed. While we won’t be able to complete all the recommendations in one year, we have looked at how to use the remaining years of our Strategic Plan (2016-21) to make these recommendations come to life. Look for more information coming this quarter about the steering committee recommendations and how to participate in the committees. 

Continued Efforts on the College Website 

Partnering with many departments and employees across the campus, Communications & Marketing will continue to optimize the website for prospective and current students. This year, the primary work will include continued refinements to the new academic program pages, improvements to the Apply & Aid section, and clarifying the student support services pages. These changes will help streamline students’ ability to complete our enrollment entry process and better understand what support services we offer. The home page and menu structure will also be restructured later in the year. Stay tuned for additional updates on these and other web projects throughout the year. 

Day at A Glance (DAAG) Email Reminder 

As College employees, we serve as access points to resources for our students. One way to demonstrate your commitment to being a valuable resource for students, is to make sure you are aware of and knowledgeable about what’s happening on campus. Each weekday morning, you receive a DAAG email message in your Shoreline email account. This is meant to be a centralized place for you to learn about announcements and events across the campus. Please make every effort to read this news each day so that we can pass our knowledge on to the students who depend on us. You can also submit an announcement yourself if you have information to share with the campus. To submit information to DAAG, the College Calendar, or the Employee Calendar, please use the common online submission form. The more we use these tools, the more useful they will become! 

Email Signature for All Employees 

As part of the college identity guidelines, I’d like to remind everyone that we have established a standardized email signature for all employees to use. The signature includes two optional lines of text that can be customized to accommodate additional contact information and/or your pronoun preferences. Please make sure you have copied the approved email signature in your Outlook email account. This is another way we can help create a consistent experience for our students and for the community. 

Recruitment for Vice President for Business & Administrative Services Position 

As of September 2019, the College has re-opened the Vice President for Business & Administrative Services (VPBAS) position for the recruitment of a permanent hire, following two unsuccessful attempts in spring and summer. The original screening committee for the VPBAS position will work through the recruitment process in October and November, with an aim to hire by the end of fall quarter. The position is open for applications through October 4 and the campus community in encouraged to share the vacancy announcement in support of the creation of a robust applicant pool. Questions regarding this recruitment can be directed to Human Resources. 


Strategic Plan Goal 3: We ensure that a climate of intentional inclusion permeates our decisions and practices, which demonstrate principles of ecological integrity, social equity, and economic viability. 

Budget Process for 2019-20 

During the 2019-2020 year, the College will undertake a comprehensive analysis of our budget, starting on September 19 with each department area engaging in a thorough review of their individual budget(s). This process will include: 

  • September 2019: Budget process documents, tools, and instructions are made available to departments and departmental/divisional budget kick-off meetings take place. 
  • SeptemberOctober 2019: All deans and directors hold department meetings to review their budget(s), conduct benchmarking exercise, and provide limited written summaries. 
  • OctoberNovember 2019: Strategic Planning Budget Council (SPBC) will study the submitted department review materials and submit ratings to Executive Team. 
  • December 2019: Executive Team will review SPBC ratings and recommend changes to areas, programs, and budgets, and share the information with the Board of Trustees. 
  • January 2020: Executive Team communicates with each union regarding pending changes to programs and budgets. 
  • February 2020: Budget changes are communicated to campus community. 

Capital Campaign for HSAMCC 

Our fundraising goal is $3 million by July 2021 for the new Health, Science & Advanced Manufacturing Classroom Complex. The campaign materials and video are complete, the campaign cabinet is trained, and the fundraising began in early September. As with all campaigns, we begin with our leadership groups of Foundation board members, Campaign cabinet and Board of Trustees in what is called the “silent phase.” The leadership groups will be finished in October. In three weeks, we have raised over 10% of our goal, or $350,000. Next, we will visit business and industry supporters and reach out to other long-term donors. The “public phase” of the campaign will be unveiled to the community after reaching 90% of our goal, or $2,700,000. 

22nd Annual Student Scholarship Community Breakfast 

The Student Scholarship Breakfast be held on Thursday, November 7 at 7:00 a.m. in the PUB Main Dining Room. As the Foundation’s primary fundraiser of the year for student scholarships and emergency support funds, the Breakfast raised a record of over $104,000 last year. The goal this year is $115,000. Many new and continuing sponsors have stepped up including one who is matching new gifts up to $10,000! Come out to hear our student stories, emcee Jim Dever of King5 TVand Shoreline’s own jazz band. Single tickets are $50 and tables of 8 with signage are $500Purchase your ticket online or by phone (206-546-4755). For sponsorship information, please contact Mary Brueggeman. 

Student Housing and Residential Life 

Our first on-campus student housing building is now up and running! With 90% occupancy for fall quarter, 7000 Campus Living, features 68 fully furnished apartment units with 239 bedrooms. Our new residents moved in last weekend, with a rich mix of 51% international students and 49% domestic. An official ribbon-cutting ceremony will take place on September 26 at 11:00 a.m., to which the entire campus is invited to attend. Tours for employees and students will also be offered starting at noon that day. 

Housing Support Funds for Five Students 

The Foundation has raised over $60,000 to start two new Housing Support Funds for homeless students to live in the new residence hall for 12 months. One fund is for degree-seeking students in professionaltechnical programs and the other fund is for degree-seeking students in any area of study. To be eligible, students must: be housing insecure (living on the streets, in their car, or motel); fill out applications to both 7000 Campus Living and the Foundation; complete a FAFSA or WAFSA for financial aid; take at least 10 credits per quarter; and earn and maintain a quarterly 2.0 GPA. These funds were made possible by two generous donors. Anyone may donate to these funds and/or donate new sheets, towels, dish sets, and other daytoday living needs at the Foundation office.    

Emergency Aid for Students, Foundation Scholarship Office moves to FOSS 

We are excited to announce that we have broadened support and access to students in need of emergency financial assistance. United Way of King County has funded an additional $100,000 in emergency support for students in financial crisis and support for a fulltime program coordinator in the Benefits Hub. The Benefits Hub Coordinator will be supervised by Sundi Musnicki, Director of Student Life. During fall quarter, the Foundation Scholarship office will also move to the second floor of FOSS, staffed by Alysen Laasko, Foundation Scholarships Manager, to be more available to students. 

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Task Force and Learning Team 

This summer, a group of faculty, classified staff, and administrators assembled for some deep conversations about how to continue our campus diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts in the year ahead. This “Summer Taskforce” identified projects and efforts to prioritize and submitted a set of recommendations to the Executive Team.  

We are now accepting applications for employees to help with this work and encourage all those with subject-matter expertise to consider applying to join the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Learning Team. We hope to identify 35 individuals to be the core of the team; these folks will earn a stipend for approximately 20 hours of work, as it is considered work above and beyond normal work duties and is in addition to other committee or College service obligations. Learn more about the DEI Learning Team and apply by October 7.  

Bias Incident Response Tool 

Please note we have a new bias reporting tool that allows members of the campus community to report concerns to the Office of the President. A bias incident is any discrimination or harassment against a member of the College community based on perception of race, color, creed, religion, national origin, citizenship, sex, pregnancy, age, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, genetic information, disability or veteran status. Something does not necessarily need to rise to the level of a hate crime (malicious harassment as defined in RCW 9A.36.080) to constitute a bias incident. 

Gender Equity Center 

The program manager position for the Gender Equity Center is now posted on the HR web page. The manager develops, plans, implements, coordinates and manages persistence/retention and student success programs, projects, and services that focus on women’s issues, gender identity, LGBTQI+ and gender equity; campus activities, tasks and daily operations. A new Gender Equity Center web page has also been created.  

Work on Opportunity Gaps 

Our Opportunity Gap work officially kicked off at Convocation, where we reviewed data showing achievement gaps for students who are historically underserved according to any of one of four factors: low socio-economic status, first-generation college student, part of an historically underrepresented group according to race and ethnicity, or under-prepared for college-level work. There will be a call-to-action and a work group will build information we have on our students in order to identify research-based pilot projects to implement. Assessment will be an essential component of the project. If you are interested in serving on the work group, please contact Lisa Malik or Marisa Herrera, or submit an interest form. 

Facilities Improvements to Campus Bathroom Facilities  

Based on feedback from students and employees, several bathroom improvement projects have been identified for completion in Fall 2019 using existing operating and maintenance funds:   

  • Install tiles over reflective concrete in the 9100 all-gender bathroom 
  • Install partitions in all male-gendered bathrooms across campus  
  • Install privacy strips between all bathroom stall doors across campus 


Upcoming Events – Mark Your Calendars! 

Please check the College Calendar and the Employee Calendar regularly for more information on these fall events: 

  • All-Campus Food Truck Lunch – Thursday, September 26 (11:30-1:30 p.m., Campus Courtyard) 
  • Student Residence Hall Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony & Tour – Thursday, September 26 (11 a.m.-1:00 p.m., Building 7000) 
  • New Employee Orientation – Wednesday, October 2 (8:30-5 p.m., PUB 9202) 
  • Campus Budget Update Meeting #1 – Friday, October 11 (1:30-3 p.m., PUB Main Dining Room) 
  • Not-So-New Employee Orientation – Friday, October 25 (8:30-5 p.m., PUB Quiet Dining Room) 
  • 22nd Annual Student Scholarship Breakfast – Thursday, November 7 (7-8:30 a.m., PUB Main Dining Room) 
  • Campus Budget Update Meeting #2 – Friday, November 8 (1:30-3 p.m., PUB Main Dining Room) 
  • Campus Budget Update Meeting #3 – Thursday, December 5 (1:30-3 p.m., PUB Main Dining Room) 

As we begin this year of change, I want you to know I see the commitment and hard work you bring each day to our students and to the College. I’m honored to work alongside you, and I remain deeply committed to ensuring the College navigates these challenging times while keeping sight of our success and the students’ success. I’m eager and ready to take on this charge, and I’m glad you’re here with me. Welcome to fall quarter! 

With best wishes, 

Cheryl Roberts, Ed.D.