The ctcLink, Summer 2021 Issue

Summer 2021 Issue

Welcome to The ctcLink, Shoreline’s ctcLink newsletter!  Our goal is to keep you informed or “linked” into the project and provide resources to support you as we move from our aging HP software to the modern and more mobile-friendly statewide Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system called PeopleSoft.

As always please reach out to us at with your questions or feedback.

Where Are We Now?

Beginning June 15th, many of our colleagues across the college will participate in Data Validation Workshop sessions, following up on the Business Process Fit Gap sessions and Configuration homework. This is the crucial work to ensure that our data will be coming over correctly from HP to ctcLink and it is also our first chance to get practice with the new system.

Data validation is vital to ensure our data is clean, correct and useful.

Supporting Students, Faculty and Staff

Over the summer, with the help of Amy Kinsel and Amy Rovner, we will be planning out timely and focused training to ensure that we are all ready to use the new system in early 2022.

As a reminder, here are some new features and benefits ctcLink has to offer:

In ctcLink students will have 24/7 access to an online student center for registration, financial aid, tuition, contacting instructors and advisors, viewing grades, tracking their academic goals and more!

For most faculty ctcLink will mean new online tools that will help you manage classes and rosters as well as your experience as an employee. Once ctcLink is implemented, faculty will be able to do the following:

  • Use My Schedule to view all classes which are assigned to you.
  • View and print Class Roster.
  • Use Grade Roster—where you will see what program a student is enrolled in and assign grades.

ctcLink is a modern, consistent way for Students, Faculty and Staff to manage student records, enrollment reports, grades, class rosters, scheduling information, tuition and financial aid processes, accounting, state and federal reports, as well as share and complete college business across the state.

Learn the Language

Employee Self-Service (ESS)

Every employee will have access to a service center that allows them to view or change their own personal data.

Processes available to an employee in self service include viewing your paycheck, changing your mailing address, entering time, submitting travel & expenses, viewing a W-2, and more!

Manager Self-Service (MSS)

In ctcLink, all supervisors will have a MSS referring to the set of processes that allow them to look up, make changes to, or approve certain employee information.

Both ESS and MSS will be available 24 hours a day from anywhere in real-time.

Organizational Change Management (OCM)

We are well aware that ctcLink is one of many changes happening on campus. It is important to remember that we all handle transitions differently and that there are many tools to support you along the way. Over the last year and a half, individuals across campus became certified as Change Practitioners through the Prosci Organization. Here is a good framework to help put our change into perspective. We would challenge you to talk about the changes that are happening with others and feel free to reach out to the ctcLink team if you have questions.

Change Is a Process
Extracts from article by Tim Creasey, Prosci

[…] The Current State – how things are done today. It is the collection of processes, behaviors, tools, technologies, organizational structures and job roles that constitute how work is done. The Current State defines who we are. It may not be working great, but it is familiar and comfortable because we know what to expect. The Current State is where we have been successful and where we know how we will be
measured and evaluated. Above all else, the Current State is known.

The Transition State– tends to be messy and chaotic. It is unpredictable and constantly in flux. The Transition State is often emotionally charged, with emotions ranging from despair and anxiety to anger, fear or relief. During the Transition State, productivity predictably declines. The Transition State requires us to accept new perspectives and learn new ways of behaving, while still keeping up our day-to-day efforts. The Transition State is challenging.

The Future State– is where we are trying to get to. It is often not fully defined and can actually shift while we are trudging through the Transition State. The Future State is supposed to be better than the Current State in terms of performance. The Future State can often be worrisome. Above all else, the Future State is unknown. […]

Change Management is focused on managing the employees’ transition to the Future State at both the individual level and organizational level to achieve the required business results.

Link to full article

If you are interested in talking more about change, the 5-Minute Change Management Book Club will return this fall. Take 5 minutes to read an article about change and let’s have a good discussion!

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Upcoming Events

  • The 5-Minute Change Management Book Club will return this fall!
  • Stay tuned for more updates about ctcLink via DAAG!

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