Shoreline Shoutouts!

Shoreline Shoutout to the amazing group of faculty and staff that served on this year’s Commencement Committee – Derek Levy, Linda Du, Lori Yonemitsu, Kim Clark, Aimee Henson, Eberth Arias, LeAnn De Luna, Kristine Petesch, Suzanne Gugger, Greg Cranson, Alan Loveless, Randy Gottfried, Michaela Gomes, Pamela Kocaturk, and Frank Frias – thank you for all of the time and effort you put into making this year’s event a success. We recognized about 200 students at two in-person ceremonies on Saturday, June 18th, and welcomed over 500 guests to campus. This was a monumental undertaking that would not have been possible without you. An additional thanks to the volunteers who helped with setup and cleanup, served as ushers, lined graduates up, and staffed the reception. After 3 long years, you all helped to provide our students with the opportunity to celebrate their graduation together in person again, and to give them one final Shoreline memory that they will take with them as they move on to the next chapter in their story. I am proud to have worked alongside you to make Commencement 2022 happen. Thank you all for your help.

To my committee co-chairs, Caela Smith and Yushin Wung, there are no words to convey my appreciation for all that you have done. Thank you for putting up with my random ideas and helping work through last-minute problems. I am so grateful for you both. As a reminder, for those wishing to acknowledge the work of fellow shoreline staff members or a group at Shoreline, you need only submit a Waves of Gratitude form for individuals or a Shoreline Shoutout for groups.  Thank you from the Employee Recognition Committee – Rob, Wanda, and Megan.


  1. Samira Pardanani says:

    Thank you, commencement committee, volunteers, and all the faculty and staff who participated. The joy on the faces of our graduates and their families said it all. Commencement 2022 was a success and truly special.

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