Campus Alert: Notice of Incident

Dear Colleagues and Students, 

Last evening there was a car prowl and attempted theft of an automotive program vehicle near the Track & Field on campus. Campus Security interrupted the attempted theft during routine patrol and the suspect fled. Shoreline Police and the King County Sheriff’s Office responded, but the suspect was gone on arrival. 

This is a notification only, there is no threat to the campus or community. 

As a reminder, please see the following safety guidelines: 

  • Park in well-lit, high-traffic areas.
    • If you parked further out during the day, consider moving your vehicle closer when working during the evening. 
  • If you feel the need, call the on-duty Campus Security Officer for a security escort to your vehicle after hours. 
  • Report lighting or other safety issues promptly by email to at any time.
    • Examples to report include lightbulbs out, shrubbery overgrowing a light, etc. 
  • When arriving early or leaving late, utilize the buddy system whenever possible.
    • Check-in with others in your area to determine who may also be working late so you can walk out together. 
  • Know where the emergency call boxes (hands-free, ADA compliant) are that dial directly to Campus Security
    • Current locations:
      • In front of the Safety & Security Office on the first level of Building 5000 (FOSS) 
      • On the north side of Building 800 (Music) 
      • On the northwest corner of Building 1500 
  • On the northeast corner Building 1800 
  • On the south side, lower level of Building 2000 (VCT – Art) 
  • On the northwest corner of Building 2100 (Automotive) 
  • On the west side, upper level of Building 3000 (Gym) 
  • On the Main Campus walkway outside the west side of Building 7000 (Campus Living) 
  • Just off the Main Campus walkway in between Building 7000 and Building 9000 
  • On the Main Campus walkway outside the north side of Building 9000 (PUB) 
  • Program Security phone numbers into your mobile devices for contact if you see something suspicious, illegal, or dangerous.
    • Office Line: 206-546-4633 / After-Hours Cell Phone Number: 206-235-5860 

Stay Updated 

  • Students and the campus community will be notified through RAVE Alerts and by email accordingly if a threat emerges.  
  • Employees can update their RAVE Alerts communication preferences at Emergency Communication Preferences

As always, if you see something suspicious on campus, please alert Safety & Security immediately by calling 206-235-5860. 

Other questions? Please contact Safety & Security any time at 

Thank you, 

Greg Cranson 

Director Department of Safety & Security 

Shoreline Community College 

Faculty and Staff of Color Conference (FSOCC) 2022 October 26-28, 2022-College can provide for up to 18 participants (Classified/Faculty/Administrative-Exempt) to attend

Dear Faculty, Staff, & Administrators,

Welcome back to fall quarter! The Faculty and Staff of Color Conference (FSOCC) 2022 will be held on October 26-28, 2022, in Pasco, Washington, at the Red Lion Hotel Pasco Airport & Conference Center. This year’s conference theme is Health, Healing and Hope: The FSOCC 25th Anniversary Remix. (Tentative schedule, below.)

The College can provide for up to 18 participants to attend this event, and we welcome participation from administrative, classified, and faculty areas. If you would like to attend, please ensure you coordinate this time away from our everyday work with your supervisor. Please send an email to me (Jack) at and Lori Yonemitsu at no later than 5:00 PM on Thursday, October 6, 2022, if you are interested.

Waves of Gratitude

Waves of Gratitude for Tigist Stanghor of Financial Aid for Inclusive Excellence and Respect. Every day I am grateful that Tigist exists in the world. Without her, our Workforce grants would not be processed. Even with tons of staffing changes and transitioning to CTCLink, Tigist manages to make time to help resolve student issues that come up. She is always gracious with people as issues arise. I know that everyone in the Workforce Office has such deep respect and gratitude for Tigist. Submitted by Jenna Schlein of STEM Workforce Education.

You can submit a WAVE of GRATITUDE here!

Last Chance to Provide Feedback on How to Build Trust and Improve Communication

Dear Campus Community, 

Hope your Friday is off to a good start! 

Thank you for providing extensive feedback on the questions I posed during the President’s Welcome session on the first day of Opening Week:  

·         How should leaders build trust collaboratively? What are best practices that have worked here or elsewhere?   

·         What organizational structures (like councils, reporting structures, etc.) would aid in building trust at the College? 

·         How can the College create new opportunities for relationship building?  What would that look like in day-to-day practice? 

·         What professional development and training could the College provide to support the work that is ahead?  Do you have ideas on who could facilitate that training? 

·         How can the College improve internal communication and transparency? What would that look like in day-to-day practice? 

·         What is missing? What should we have asked that we did not? 

Many of you reviewed that feedback in the Library and “liked” certain ideas and/or added more comments. 

For those of you who could not make it to the Library, please take this chance to provide anonymous feedback online by 5 pm, Friday, October 7th.  

You will hear more from me on this topic by the end of October. 



Shoreline Welcomes 17 Tenure-Track Faculty Members in Fall of 2022!

Dear Colleagues,   

This fall marked the largest incoming cohort of tenure-track faculty hires in recent Shoreline history, with a total of 17 full-time faculty positions hired across campus out of 19 tenure-track positions posted for recruitment this past Spring.

Seven of these positions were made possible by House Bill 5194, which (among other things) specifically provided funding to increase both the number of full-time faculty positions and the diversity of the full-time faculty pool at Shoreline. The remaining twelve positions represent replacement or new tenure-track positions funded by the College.

Please join me in welcoming the following new tenure-track faculty members to our Shoreline community!


Asha Lickley-Dore holds a Master of Arts in English Writing from Eastern Oregon University and a Master of Science in Speech & Hearing Sciences from Portland State University. She has supported adults in higher education for seven years in both Washington and Oregon, with a focus on inclusion and equity. She currently lives in West Seattle with her three kids and rescue dogs. She is thrilled to join the ABE team as a full-time faculty member.

Jessica Strickland holds a Master of Arts in Teaching from the University of Southern California and a Bachelor of Arts in English from Washington State University. She has taught both internationally and domestically, since 2008. She is a mom of a precocious 4-year-old and loves hiking and traveling. She is sure that relocating to Shoreline will be another grand adventure and looks forward to teaching at Shoreline.


Tasha Nālei Jugas holds both a Bachelor’s in Marketing and a Master’s in Communications from the University of Hawai’i at Mānoa.  She was born and raised in Mililani, Hawai’i, on the island of O’ahu. Tasha Nālei has over 16 years of academic advising, peer-mentoring programming, and scholarship administrating experience across 3 different institutions:  University of Hawai’i at Mānoa, Seattle University, and University of Washington, Seattle. She is thrilled to bring together her advising experience with her passion for supporting students at Shoreline Community College. Tasha Nālei’s pastimes include dancing hula, jewelry making, thrifting, and exploring the PNW with her ‘ohana – husband, newborn baby, doggy, and hedgehogs!


Amber Avery is a 2016 Shoreline Toyota T-TEN Graduate and the first to graduate at the same time as an ASE master Diagnostic Technician.  Amber previously worked in the automotive industry for 11 years, joining Shoreline as an associate faculty member in 2017.  As Amber continues her work for the future of automotive technicians, she does so with a special interest in the growth of electric vehicles.

Rashawn Smith is a 2014 graduate of the GST and Honda PACT programs and graduated with an Associate in Applied Arts and Science from Shoreline Community College. He worked in the automotive industry for 11 years achieving the honor of being one of the select few technicians able to work on the Acura NSX.  Rashawn initially joined Shoreline in January 2022 as an associate faculty member in the GST program and will now be the full-time Honda Pact instructor. He has a special interest in DEI and what it represents to Shoreline.


Dr. Benjamin Wiggins holds a Master of Science in Molecular and Cellular Biology and a Ph.D. in Science Education from the University of Washington. Diving into the details of molecules and cells (and exploring ways that they impact patients’ lives) is one of his favorite parts of teaching. Having taught science and education courses for 15 years at UW-Seattle, he is most excited to work with students who are coming to health sciences and biology careers from non-traditional tracks. Ben’s NSF-sponsored research is in science education and professional development for college faculty. When he is not working on a class, he is often coaching youth sports for his young son and daughter and experimenting in the kitchen.

Dr. Orlando de Lange holds a Ph.D. in Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions from Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich and a Bachelor of Arts in Natural Science from the University of Cambridge. Orlando has a decade of research experience across several fields of molecular biology, bioengineering, and laboratory automation, as well as extensive volunteer work in informal STEM education delivered through community science hubs. Since 2020, he has studied equitable approaches to undergraduate STEM teaching.


Leo Novsky immigrated to the US from the former Soviet Union and received an MBA from University of Dallas and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Chicago. Leo is a serial entrepreneur, communication coach, and passionate educator who has taught extensively in the Community College ecosystem. He is very passionate about criminal justice reform and reentry education. He is thrilled to be involved in the exciting work within the business department.


Dr. Astrid Perez holds a Ph.D. (also an M.S. and a B.S.) in Analytical Chemistry from the UW-Seattle and has served as an associate faculty member at Shoreline for the past 20 years. Astrid looks forward to continuing to use her talents in designing and implementing class material that encompasses the college’s commitment to DEI, whether for online, hybrid, or in-person instruction. As the College transitions back to in-person operations, Astrid hopes to continue to be part of a community that shares in the stories and lessons learned while online, with each other, such that we can adapt our pedagogy in a way that best serves our students and campus. 


Sarah Fletcher holds a Master of Science in Nutrition and Clinical Health Psychology at Bastyr University, as well as a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology with a Pre-Healthcare Specialization and Minor in Psychology from Western Washington University. Sarah is a Washington State licensed Mental Health Counselor Associate and Certified Nutritionist. She has previously served as an associate faculty counselor in our Counseling Center, a counselor and student success course instructor at North Seattle College, and a counseling intern at Bellevue College. She also maintains a private practice in counseling.


Trysteen Thanh Binh Tran holds a Master of Arts in Teaching from the University of Washington. Trysteen has dedicated nearly two decades of service toward mindful pedagogy that celebrates diversity and culture, community, and inclusiveness. Trysteen has also contributed in the roles of Editor in Chief for a Vietnamese American magazine; co-writer and editor of a math novel in collaboration with a high school math teacher; a freelance editor of novels, business content, and doctorate theses. She is also a certified dance instructor and finds joy in all associations with plants and animals.


Carlos Sibaja Garcia holds a Master of Arts in TESOL from Seattle University. Carlos was born and raised in Guadalajara, Mexico, and has been a language instructor since 2006. Before coming to Shoreline, Carlos worked at Seattle Central College, where held teaching and supervisory roles including ESL Instructor, ESL Tutor, ESL Tutoring Coordinator, and Faculty Development Coordinator. He is passionate about culturally responsive teaching, anti-racist pedagogy, and rhetoric/composition. In his free time, he loves watching films and writing poetry, short stories, and essays.

Dr. Henry Manuel García holds a Ph.D. in General Psychology with a concentration in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from Grand Canyon University, a Master of Science in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) from Carlos Albizu University, and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from IPADE Business School. Henry was born in Havana, Cuba, and moved to the United States as a teenager. Henry brings over 16 years of progressive experience in higher education where he has held numerous positions ranging from instructional to administrative roles within the United States and abroad. He has taught ESL, college success, psychology, and Spanish courses across four states. He loves traveling and is also a foodie. In his free time, he enjoys going to the gym and practicing yoga.


Dr. Chris Vongvithayamathakul originally came to the Pacific Northwest in 2018 to pursue a Doctor of Musical Arts in Conducting at the University of Washington, which he finished this past spring. Before pursuing his graduate degree, Chris was a middle and high school music teacher in Hawai’i where he is originally from, and taught at the University of Illinois, Chicago. He looks forward to meeting you all soon!


Dr. Angelo “Ajay” Jamora holds a Ph.D. from University of Colorado, Anschutz Medical Campus, a Master of Science in Nursing from Frontier Nursing University, and a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from University of Colorado. Previously, Ajay served as a clinical associate instructor at Shoreline as well as taught for a large private university in Seattle. He joined Shoreline full-time to make a difference in the education of our future health care, and nursing leaders, educators, clinicians, administrators, and change agents. He is most excited about the connections with people he crosses paths with. From students, faculty, staff, and community members, he hopes to prioritize students first, threading DEI practices in all he does, service to the college and his department, as well as his progress as an educator, clinician, scholar, and activist.

Megan Haan holds a Master of Nursing from University of Washington, Bothell and a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Calvin College. Previously, Megan worked for Shoreline as a clinical instructor and most recently as the Nursing Clinical Coordinator for the past three years. She now embraces this opportunity to teach full-time at Shoreline and looks forward to shaping the decisions that lead our students to succeed. She has always been drawn to formative teaching, an attribute our students value deeply as they bring their lived experiences to the classroom. She is most excited about continuing to teach in the most immersive classroom: the hospital! It is here she will get to share her passion for health equity and reproductive health.


Dr. Madeleine Gorges holds a Ph.D. and Masters in Developmental Psychology from the University of Houston, as well as a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish and Art from Trinity University. She is originally from Wenatchee, WA, and has enjoyed teaching at numerous schools in the Seattle area over the past five years. She looks forward to collaborating with faculty from a variety of disciplines and supporting Shoreline’s students.

Thank you!

Phillip J. King

Vice President for Students Learning, Equity, & Success

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