Change, Technology, and Moving Forward: A Multi-Part Series to See the Face of Change, ctclink, and More at Shoreline

As a college we have had rapid fire technology change. These sessions will talk about the foundations laid by ctclink and how to design new processes that efficiently leverage the technology moving forward. Bringing in some of the concepts discussed at Day of Learning we will talk about resilience, compassionate change, and how to adapt technology to the outcomes of the college.

Please join either one or both sessions this term to see the face of change, ctclink, and more at Shoreline!

The Past & Future for Shoreline

For all the great work people have invested in the ctcLink implementation, the end is also both a beginning and an opportunity. This session will take a brief look back at the foundation laid by ctcLink and discuss how we manage the ongoing transitions and are poised to improve processes and leverage technology.

Date: Tuesday 5/24
Time: 12pm – 1pm

Preparing for the Road Ahead

This session will take a deep dive into identifying potential opportunities for improving our processes and leveraging technology. We will share strategies and lessons learned from the ctcLink project to help ourselves and our colleagues manage these transitions.

Prior session attendance is not required.

Date: Wednesday 6/1
Time: 12:30pm – 1:30pm

Reporting-ctcLink Update

Shoreline Operational Reporting Network (SHORN), which currently includes staff from TSS and Institutional Assessment and Data Management (IADM) has received a number of questions about the report server, so would like to provide answers to a few FAQs.

Why is my report not updated?

The Shoreline Operational Reporting Network is working through a prioritized list of reports from the archived report server.  If you find that a report that you use frequently is not updating with ctcLink data, please submit a Report Request Form, and the team will be in touch about when to expect an updated report.

What about Formstack reports?

Staff from TSS, web support and instruction are working on ensuring that key forms related to enrollment and transcripts (e.g., student grading options, hardship withdrawal, ESL/ABE applications) are developed to meet key deadlines.  If you have a question about Formstack forms or using data from Formstack, please submit a ticket through the Support Center.

From Payroll Manager D. Bryant: Timesheets in ctcLink

Good Morning all,

Welcome to our third month of ctcLink.  With each pay period that passes, we learn a little bit more.

  • Please be sure to follow the information in the “Timesheet is due” email every pay period to avoid missing a paycheck on payday.  The best practice is to make sure you have submitted all leave requests and time by the end of your shift on your last working day of the pay period (pay period end dates are the 15th and the last day of the month).
  • Supervisors, please make sure you approve your timesheets by the lockdown time.  If this is not done, your employee’s paycheck could be over/underpaid.
  • Timesheets will be locked from the day/time on the timesheets due email until two to three working days after the lockdown day  (example: this pay period timesheets are locked from Monday 5/2 through today 5/4).   I will start adding the unlock date on the emails sent out each pay period.

Classified Staff:   Please remember to NEVER use SOV on your timesheets, this will not pay you overtime. Enter all your hours worked in REG, and ctcLink will calculate your overtime or CTE (comp time earned) if you want to convert it to comp time.

Delene Bryant
Payroll Manager
HR & Employee Relation

Employee/Campus Directory Updating Now Available with HR and ctcLink Changes

The ability to make changes to the Shoreline Employee/Campus Directory were recently disabled as the underlying software was transitioned from being based on HP data and processes to being based on ctcLink data and processes.

The ability to edit your own directory data has been restored and two Help Desk articles have been created explaining how to locate the Campus Directory (which has not changed) and how to edit your directory entry (which has changed).

These articles can always be accessed through the Shoreline Support Center.

Due to the way ctcLink works, and based on the needs of Human Resources at the College, the process of updating your directory information has been simplified. A number of fields that employees could previously update themselves have been converted to changes that the employee can make within ctcLink or that must be requested to be made by HR. In particular:

  • Employee name and title are set by HR in ctcLink. If you would like either of those changed, the process is now to email with your request.
  • Education continues to be something that HR enters on your behalf.
  • The departments you are in or teach in are now based on ctcLink data and do not need to be set by individual employees.


Gavin Smith
Acting Director

ctcLink Campus Updates 03/29/22

Hi Campus Community,  

Thank you for reading the ctcLink weekly updates. After the first week of classes, you can find ctcLink updates in the regular Thursday All-Staff email.

Key Dates and Timelines: 

(Click here to view all important dates)  

Important Student Dates: 

  • Last Day to Enroll: April 1  
  • Last Day to Enroll without instructor and dean approval: April 8th 
  • Late enrollment requires instructor and dean approval: April 11-15 with Petition for Late Enrollment  
  • Tuition is due April 1st by 3pm 
  • For students who enroll late (after April 1), tuition is due within 24 hours.  

Stay up to date on upcoming Training and Support sessions: 

All sessions are recorded, and you can view them on our ctcLink SharePoint site. Upcoming training sessions will be posted on the ctcLink Trainings page. These training sessions will help you navigate and understand ctcLink. If you would like to see how students experience ctcLink you can watch this short video: Student ctcLink Experience

If you have questions, please visit or our Support Center at

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