Campus Alert: Notice of Incident

Dear Colleagues and Students, 

Last evening there was a car prowl and attempted theft of an automotive program vehicle near the Track & Field on campus. Campus Security interrupted the attempted theft during routine patrol and the suspect fled. Shoreline Police and the King County Sheriff’s Office responded, but the suspect was gone on arrival. 

This is a notification only, there is no threat to the campus or community. 

As a reminder, please see the following safety guidelines: 

  • Park in well-lit, high-traffic areas.
    • If you parked further out during the day, consider moving your vehicle closer when working during the evening. 
  • If you feel the need, call the on-duty Campus Security Officer for a security escort to your vehicle after hours. 
  • Report lighting or other safety issues promptly by email to at any time.
    • Examples to report include lightbulbs out, shrubbery overgrowing a light, etc. 
  • When arriving early or leaving late, utilize the buddy system whenever possible.
    • Check-in with others in your area to determine who may also be working late so you can walk out together. 
  • Know where the emergency call boxes (hands-free, ADA compliant) are that dial directly to Campus Security
    • Current locations:
      • In front of the Safety & Security Office on the first level of Building 5000 (FOSS) 
      • On the north side of Building 800 (Music) 
      • On the northwest corner of Building 1500 
  • On the northeast corner Building 1800 
  • On the south side, lower level of Building 2000 (VCT – Art) 
  • On the northwest corner of Building 2100 (Automotive) 
  • On the west side, upper level of Building 3000 (Gym) 
  • On the Main Campus walkway outside the west side of Building 7000 (Campus Living) 
  • Just off the Main Campus walkway in between Building 7000 and Building 9000 
  • On the Main Campus walkway outside the north side of Building 9000 (PUB) 
  • Program Security phone numbers into your mobile devices for contact if you see something suspicious, illegal, or dangerous.
    • Office Line: 206-546-4633 / After-Hours Cell Phone Number: 206-235-5860 

Stay Updated 

  • Students and the campus community will be notified through RAVE Alerts and by email accordingly if a threat emerges.  
  • Employees can update their RAVE Alerts communication preferences at Emergency Communication Preferences

As always, if you see something suspicious on campus, please alert Safety & Security immediately by calling 206-235-5860. 

Other questions? Please contact Safety & Security any time at 

Thank you, 

Greg Cranson 

Director Department of Safety & Security 

Shoreline Community College 

Ceiling lights on the 3rd Floor of the FOSS building

Good afternoon, 

We have received notice that a portion of the ceiling lights on the 3rd Floor of the FOSS building are not working properly. We are aware of this issue and are working on it.  An update will be sent as soon as it is resolved. We understand that this may become distracting and hard to work nearby. Please feel free to reach out to your Dean, should you need to request an alternative workspace.  

If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact the Facilities Department.  

Facilities Contact: 

Bob Williamson 

Acting Vice President for Business and Administrative Services 

We will notify you when the issue is resolved!  

Update: Roof Repair Report

Dear Campus Community, 

We are gearing up for day two of Opening Week and are looking forward to seeing folks around campus! This is a follow-up email to yesterday’s roof repair email.  

As promised, the full report from PBS Engineering and Environmental, Inc. (this is the company that conducted the Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) testing) can be accessed here.  The results of the onsite inspection indicated that, based on the Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) readings in and around the building, the odor created by the adhesive is non-toxic.   

If you are experiencing a reaction to the odor, we are more than happy to explore alternative work options, including relocating to a different facility to ensure conducive and comfortable working conditions. Please reach out to HR to make a request.  

In addition to the odor, we understand that noise from the roof repair may become distracting and hard to work nearby. Please reach out to HR to request an alternative work area.  

If you have additional questions or concerns about this, we encourage you to reach out to the Facilities Department.  

Facilities Contact: 

Bob Williamson 

Acting Vice President for Business and Administrative Services 

Just a few more days and campus will be full of students making decisions to better their lives, and we get to be a part of that! 

Thank you for all that you do for our campus and students! 

Update: Roof Repair Work at the 5000 Building

Dear College  Community, 

The health and safety of all members of our college community are a priority at Shoreline. In response to concerns and questions raised about health risks related to the roof repair work at the 5000 building, Shoreline engaged the services of PBS to test toxicity levels throughout the facility.  The results of the onsite inspection indicated that, based on the Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) readings in and around the building, the odor created by the adhesive is non-toxic.   

The full report is available immediately, upon request, from the Facilities Department. A web link to the report will be provided as soon as it is posted.   

We understand that occupants of the 5000 building may still experience a reaction to the odor.  In these cases, please work with your supervisor and HR to explore alternative work options, including relocating to a different facility. 

Please contact Facilities if you have any additional questions or concerns. 

Bob Williamson

Acting Vice President for Business and Administrative Services

Campus will reopen tomorrow, 9/23

Dear Campus Community,    

Campus will reopen tomorrow, 9/23. All services will resume on campus. To view the College’s regular operating hours visit this link. 

Thank you,  

Shoreline Community College  

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