Healing Circles this Monday, January 30th for Tyre Nichols

Dear Campus Community, 

It is with great sadness that we send this email.  Throughout the country, people are reeling from the news and video release about Tyre Nichols.  Mr. Nichols, a 29-year-old black man was hospitalized after a brutal and violent arrest by police officers three weeks ago in Memphis, TN.  Mr. Nichols died three days ago as a result of injuries that occurred during the arrest.  The video footage is incredibly alarming and disturbing to watch.  Five officers from the African American community who were on the scene have been fired and face criminal charges for Mr. Nichols’ death.  Words cannot capture the tragedy of this situation; particularly given the re-traumatization many will likely experience as these events against the BIPOC community continue to occur. 

This event, coupled with the recent shootings, indicates a continued and vigilant need to reach out and support our BIPOC College community.   

Shoreline’s Office of Safety & Security remains committed to the ongoing safety and support of our campus and particularly our BIPOC community, by providing an environment where all feel safe and welcome. Through ongoing training and connection with our campus, the Security Team will continue to foster an engaged partnership with colleagues, students, and campus visitors.    

As part of our continued community outreach, we have initiated conversations with Safety & Security Director Greg Cranson and Shoreline Police Chief Kelly Park. Through this connection, Shoreline will be coordinating activities and events which support the safety of our diverse community with more information provided to campus as details are finalized. We will provide thorough and timely updates and information related to this initiative. 

Healing Circles this Monday, January 30th, 2023:  

During times of racialized violence, it is crucial that there is an opportunity for community support within that community. Tyre Nichols is from the Sacramento area of California and Dr. Debra Crumpton, President of the Los Rios Black Faculty and Staff Association, who is also from the Sacramento area sent a message to the Los Rios community that warrants sharing an excerpt. 

Undoubtedly, there will be many characterizations of what the police bodycam video reveals about the actions of the five Black police officers who have been charged with numerous criminal offenses, which include second-degree murder. One of the questions that will likely emerge and be much debated is, “How could five Black policemen do this to another Black male?”    

The answer is institutional racism. These officers were not simply five Black men who happened to be police officers. They were police officers who happened to be Black.   

Institutional racism embeds racist narratives so deeply and insidiously that it has the power to effectively deny a person his or her individual identity, sense of humanity, and recognition of self.  

Shoreline will hold a campus healing space on Monday afternoon to provide support and next steps. 

All Campus (coordinated by Melanie Dixon & Aisha Hauser)  

Monday, January 30, 2023; 1:00-2:30 PM 

~In-person: Room 9215 (“Main Dining Room”) – Building 9000 (“PUB”)   
~Join via Zoom https://us02web.zoom.us/j/83173429202   (253) 215-8782; Meeting ID: 831 7342 9202  

Robert Britten, President of the Diversity Equity Officers (DEO) Commission for the State reminded all CEOs in a letter yesterday that “we have all been impacted by ongoing and escalating gun violence, hate in various forms and police violence against and within communities of color. This is not to imply that all our impacts are the same, but to highlight the disparate impact on communities of color, DEOs, and practitioners in this space.” 

For this reason, will also create separate spaces for folks to caucus during the week as needed to support those directly impacted by these events (African/Black/API etc.). We will be sending information about those events as they develop in the next few days.  

Please know that we have additional resources available to both students and employees to counsel you through any potential emotional distress from this event.  


Employees may access services and support at any time through the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) at 877-313-4455 (as provided by the Diversity Equity Officers Commission). Their service is confidential and free. We urge you to keep this number readily available in the event you or a colleague need to lean into this level of support. The EAP is available and here for you, should you or a family member want or need support. As a reminder, the EAP offers the following:  

  • Problem assessment and short-term counseling  
  • Referrals to providers and community resources  
  • Webinars  
  • Resources  
  • Critical Incident Response  

Employees are also encouraged to contact Shoreline’s CARE team should you identify a student in need of support.  

“On behalf of our DEO President, Robert Britten and the Diversity Officers Commission we give our full support to our Presidents, Chancellors and our SBCTC community as we navigate the days and weeks ahead.” Robert Britten, President, Diversity Equity Officers Commission 

Students may access the following services:   

  • International students who need support are also encouraged to reach out to the International Education department. 
  • If you are experiencing distress related to this, please reach out to the Counseling Center for support. 
  • In addition, for emergency counseling, referral, or assistance 24-hours/day and 7-days/week, please call:   
  • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline | 800-273-8255  
  • King County: Crisis Connections (Crisis Line) | 866-427-4747  
  • Snohomish County: Volunteers of America Care Crisis Response Services (Crisis Line) | 800-584-3578  
  • Lifeline Crisis Chat: Go to suicidepreventionlifeline.org/chat/  
  • Crisis Text Line: Text 741741  
  • 911 (for immediate health-related emergencies) 

Please know we are here for all of our community, 

Jack Kahn, President & Melanie Dixon VP of DEI 

From President Kahn & Vice President Dixon: Monterey Park, CA mass shooting during Lunar New Year Celebrations

On behalf of Shoreline Community College, we wanted to reach out to the campus community to express our concern for students, faculty, staff, and family members who may be impacted by the recent event that unfolded in Monterey Park, CA at a Lunar New Year event.

We are devastated by another senseless act of violence in the form of a mass shooting. The Monterey Park mass shooting during Lunar New Year celebrations is incomprehensible. This is a time for the AAPI community to come together to illuminate hope, optimism, and community, and to have it overshadowed by hate and violence is particularly heartbreaking. 

As a College, we stand with our AAPI community to reject such acts of hate and violence. Our hopes for all members of the AAPI community are safety, prosperity, and love. None of these hopes for our community were actualized during this horrific event. As a college community, we must not only stand with all members of the AAPI community but take action against the consistent assaults on all BIPOC communities.  What will you do to support your colleagues and students during this unspeakable time? How will you show up for members of the AAPI community on and off campus? This call to action is about how we show up for one another during times of tragedy and all other times we have the opportunity to disrupt. 

We recognize the trauma incidents such as these can have on our college community and want to remind all employees of the resources available to support you through this unfathomable time. Please do not hesitate to seek out services and should you see someone in need, please extend support. To all members of the Shoreline AAPI community, we see you, we care for you, and we do not want you to suffer alone. 

We believe that one day the cycles of violence playing out across the nation targeting BIPOC communities will cease. Until then, we will continue to focus on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion as a mechanism to achieve social justice for all. We are responsible for our community, let’s choose to lead with love. 

Please know that we have resources available to both students and employees to counsel you through any potential emotional distress from this event.


Employees may access services and support at any time through the Employee Assistance Program at 877-313-4455. 

  • To submit a report in support of a student, please contact Shoreline’s CARE team.
  • International students who need support are encouraged to reach out to the International Education department.

Students may access the following services: 

  • If you are experiencing distress related to this, please reach out to the Counseling Center for support.
  • In addition, for emergency counseling, referral, or assistance 24-hours/day and 7-days/week, please call:

Jack Kahn & Melanie Dixon

Visitor Parking Permit Requests

Hi Campus,

Please see the information below on how to request visitor parking permits as an employee (for new hires, meetings, events, etc.):

  • Request visitor parking permits here: https://shoreline.formstack.com/forms/shoreline_parking_permit
  • You can request either an ePermit (for them to print and place on their dashboard), or a yellow hanging visitor parking permit (valid for one day only). The yellow-hanging visitor parking permits cannot be copied, modified, or altered in any way, shape, or form. If you need a certain number of yellow hanging permits, please designate that on the submission form. If you request a yellow-hanging visitor parking permit or an ePermit, you’ll receive further instructions on how to distribute them.
  • The ePermit cannot be modified or altered in any way, shape, or form and cannot exceed the designated number of copies that were requested in the submission form. If you need an ePermit for more than one day, please put that in the comment section of the form.
  • You can designate the number of visitor parking permits requested in the submission form.
  • Visitor parking permits are $1.50/day per permit – unless it falls under college-sponsored parking.
  • For more information on state commissions/boards, please see this link: https://www.governor.wa.gov/news-media/boards-and-commissions-appointments-governor-jay-inslee-november-2022

Visitor/Guest Parking on Campus: Eligibility and Procedures

Thank you,

Department of Safety & Security


(206) 546-4633

The parking grace period has been extended to Monday, February 6th.

Dear Campus Community, 

The parking grace period has been extended to Monday, February 6th. This means you will still receive written warnings if you don’t have a parking permit, park in a staff lot, or improperly display your permit. 

 We always issue citations with fines for ADA violations, PCC parking violations, and other illegal/hazardous violations (fire lane, blocking roadway, not parked in a parking stall, etc.). For the full release on parking, please click HERE – DAAG Parking January 2023 

For questions, please come to the Safety & Security Office (5102), call us at: (206) 546-4633 or email: safetyandsecurity@shoreline.edu 

Office Hours: 

9am-4pm (Monday-Thursday) 

9am-3pm (Friday) The office is closed Friday, January 20th,2023 

Break: 12pm-1pm (Daily) 


Your Department of Safety & Security 

Parking Machine Malfunction and Parking Enforcement Grace Period

Dear Campus Community,

The Department of Safety & Security was made aware of several parking machine malfunctions this morning. Currently, no daily permits can be purchased from parking machines on campus. The vendor has been contacted and another update will be sent once a technician has completed troubleshooting and repairs. The college has always allowed for a grace period (approximately 1 week) at the beginning of the quarters for Staff Lot violations, Visitor Lot violations, and for vehicles not displaying a parking permit. The grace period for Winter Quarter 2023 will be thru Friday, January 20th. Please note, citations with fines assessed are always enforced (including during grace periods) for ADA parking violations, illegal parking, hazardous illegal parking, and Parent-Child Center parking violations. I hope everyone has a great start to Winter Quarter 2023.

For questions, please come to the Safety & Security Office (5102), call us at: (206) 546-4633 or email: safetyandsecurity@shoreline.edu

Office Hours:

9am-4pm (Monday-Thursday

9am-3pm (Friday)Break: 12pm-1pm (Daily)


Your Department of Safety & Security

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