System Outage Update 6/2/23

Good morning!

“June is bustin’ out all over!!!!”  Anyone else a big musical fan, or am I in my own little corner over here? If you are a musical fan, feel free to reply to me, and name that show! If you’re not a fan, then you can just ignore the previous three sentences, and we can find other things to agree on. 😊 Either way, summer is coming! 

Now, on to the updates! Today I have several ransomware related updates to share with you as TSS has been making a lot of great progress around campus. 

Network Update 

TSS has made great progress in the process of rebuilding a secure and robust network. A huge thanks to TSS for the many, many hours put into the ongoing work on this project! 

HVAC and Environmental Controls 

The ransomware incident impacted all aspects of our network, which included the environmental controls and HVAC system. For the past couple of months, we have had to manually make adjustments. However, I am happy to report that those controls are now completely up and online again.  

Extra Help! 

We are in the final stages of engaging MoxFive, an outside contractor who will be working with TSS directly to assist with the rebuild of Shoreline’s systems. This will allow the process to move much faster so you will continue to see a lot of great progress happening throughout the summer. 

New Telephone System Coming Soon to an Office Near You 

Prior to the ransomware incident, TSS was working to finalize a plan for a more modern phone solution thus removing our current antiquated phones. This system would be replaced by Microsoft Teams. This process had to be put on hold as we worked through the initial stages of the ransomware incident and the recovery process. However, we are now ready to move forward again, so you will be receiving more information and a timeline for implementation soon. 

Password Reset 

As part of our new security measures, TSS will be rolling out a process for more frequent password updates for Shoreline faculty, staff, and students. However, so as not to disrupt the Spring quarter currently in progress, this will not happen until after the quarter has ended.  You will be receiving more information on this in the coming weeks, but we wanted to give you a heads-up that this will be coming in the near future. 

Ransomware Investigation Update 

Last week we were able to share that the identity of the threat actor organization is Royal.  We have also received several questions from the community about the ransom amount. As a reminder, this is an amount covered by our insurance, but we can now share that the amount was $228,000. It is important to note that this amount was reached through extensive negotiation. This was a difficult decision, but enabled Shoreline to keep the information from our campus community safe and helped to expedite our recovery process. 

That’s all I have for today. Enjoy your afternoon! 


Important Phishing Scam Update

Good morning,

It has been brought to our attention that some individuals may have received a text message recently claiming to be from the President Kahn making a special request, in this case, a gift card purchase.  

Please be advised that this is a common phishing scam message that is not legitimate. Please note that there is no standard procedure for making these types of requests.  We do, however, realize that these types of messages can vary, and sometimes be quite persuasive.  If you receive a text or email message such as this, it is always a good practice to verify the validity of the message prior to taking any action.  Some good steps to take include:

  • Ask yourself, are you the person that would typically perform these duties in your role, and is this the correct procedure in which this would be performed?
  • Did this request come from a valid phone number/email that belongs to the person making the request?
  • Follow up with the person via a phone call or email to validate the request prior to taking action (use a direct contact number/email as opposed to replying to the original message).
  • In the event you can’t reach the person making the request, seek a second opinion from someone else in this person’s department to validate the request.

With today’s reliance on technology, scams like this are very common and impossible to avoid.  However, if we all remain aware of these types of tactics, we can avoid becoming a victim.  We will continue to send updates for any new potential threats as they emerge. 

Have a great day!

Jason Brandon

Executive Director of TSS.

Bldg. 2600 Fire Update

Dear Campus Community,

As most of you know, last week, a fire broke out in building 2600. Based on known variables and extensive professional experience, fire officials provided basic guidance to the college regarding the safety of the building. This included assurance that: 1) the building was safe to enter; and 2) the items being retained or moved could be cleaned with something as simple as Dawn liquid soap. 

As we continue to navigate transitioning items and opening a new space (HSAMCC), the college still believes the original guidance to be true. However, out of an abundance of caution and in response to requests by made college employees, we will take additional steps to test.  We will work with appropriate consultants to test the air, building and equipment surfaces, and the soil around the building. Additional updates will be provided once the test results have been received.

In the interim, if you have questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to those currently leading the college’s response to the fire incident.

Associate Dean and Chemical Hygiene Officer | Dalila Paredes

Director of Facilities | Kimberlee Clark

Acting Director of Safety & Security | Gregory Cranson gcranson@shoreline.ed


Gregory Cranson

Director │ Department of Safety & Security

Shoreline Community Comes Together to Combat Catalytic Converter Crime 

Press Release

(Shoreline, Wash., May 30, 2023)– Shoreline Community College (Shoreline)

Student holding an engraving tool, engraving a catalytic converter

For Shoreline Community College (SCC), the word community isn’t just part of the College’s name, it’s a passion. Last month on April 29, 2023, three Shoreline automotive students and Amber Avery-Graff, Tenure-Track Automotive Instructor, worked together alongside members of SCC’s Security Team and the Shoreline Police Department at the Catalytic Converter Marketing Event to engrave over 50 catalytic converters for the community. Last summer Shoreline staged the first event which was students only, then expanded in the fall to include SCC faculty and staff. Both were incredibly well received, which led to last month’s event which was open to all interested members within the greater Shoreline community. 

Catalytic converters contain precious metals. It takes less than 90 seconds for thieves to roll under a vehicle, cut the pipes on either side, and leave with the converter. “A catalytic converter is typically over one thousand dollars to replace, so that’s a huge expense,” says Avery-Graff. By engraving the last eight digits of a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) onto the converter, it can be traced back to its original vehicle which makes it much more difficult to sell.  

For the event, community members pre-registered and were greeted by Gregory Cranson, Acting Director of Safety and Security at SCC, members of Shoreline’s Security Team, and members of the Shoreline Police Department. From there Shoreline automotive students Trevor Buehler, Christian Mariano, and Felipe Tores along with Avery-Graff worked together to take the cars back to the automotive building and spray paint each converter with bright paint, so that even at night it is obvious to anyone who sees it that the converter has been marked. This process acts as a deterrent to help keep the catalytic converter from being stolen and can also be a way for police to locate victims of this type of theft so they can press charges. 

Like a well-oiled machine, Avery-Graff and her students were able to move each car through the process in roughly ten minutes. “Students are in school 4 days a week 8 hours a day, so for students to come in and volunteer their time on a day off is pretty amazing,” says Avery-Graff. 

The community response to the event was extremely enthusiastic, with many members already voicing their excitement for the next event, eager to encourage their neighbors and spouses to attend. President of Shoreline Community College, Dr. Jack Kahn had this to say about the event. “Shoreline Community College is extremely pleased to work directly with the city on projects that will benefit our community. Chief Park and her team have been extremely collaborative, and we are so excited that this event had such a positive impact and look forward to many other events with the city.” 

Instructor Amber Avery-Graff, her students and a member of the Shoreline Police Department stand outside Shoreline's automotive department.

New Date: Bldg. 2900 Parking Lot Closure, Friday 5/26

Dear Campus Community,

Our vendor had to reschedule their work to tomorrow. So, tomorrow, Friday 5/26, the Bldg. 2900 Parking Lot will need to be closed tomorrow for resurfacing as a part of the work being completed to improve campus accessibility. The parking lot and paved parking along the roadway will both be closed off to allow for the work and the large equipment. The college anticipates that the lot will be open by Tuesday, 5/30. We apologize for the late notice and will strive to ensure more advanced notice whenever possible. Please contact Acting Director of Safety & Security Greg Cranson at if you have any questions.

This shows building 2900 and the parking lot that will be impacted by construction.
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