Construction and Grounds Update

Good afternoon,

Grounds will continue applying a post-emergent herbicide in various areas tomorrow, 6/1, between 5:30am to 6:30am.  These areas include the east and west side of 5000, 9000, and 7000.  Below you will find the Grounds Pesticides/Herbicides Use Info doc.  Please contact Facilities with any questions.

The Shoreline Community College Facilities Grounds crew follows an “Integrated Pest Management” (IPM) approach to the use of pesticides/herbicides among the campus flower beds, lawns, walkways, and parking lots. It embodies pesticide control measures that meet work standards yielding the least harmful impact possible on the environment. The control measures are evaluated and upgraded annually to improve the effectiveness of the IPM approach. MSDS sheets are available to anyone from the main office of the Facilities or Security Departments.

Our IPM approach has eliminated the following practices:

  • Spraying trees or plants for insect or fungus control
  • Motorized spraying
  • Usage of pesticides within the Parent Childcare Center

Our IPM approach has incorporated the following practices:

  • Caution signage posted at the locations where pesticides/herbicides are applied and removed when it is safe to reenter the area.
  • Pesticide/Herbicide application times during early morning hours.
  • Fertilizer application times open and as needed.

The Grounds crew currently applies the following pesticides/herbicides and fertilizers:

This is a table describing the types of herbicide and fertilizer we use and when.

Bldg. 2600 Fire Update

Dear Campus Community,

As most of you know, last week, a fire broke out in building 2600. Based on known variables and extensive professional experience, fire officials provided basic guidance to the college regarding the safety of the building. This included assurance that: 1) the building was safe to enter; and 2) the items being retained or moved could be cleaned with something as simple as Dawn liquid soap. 

As we continue to navigate transitioning items and opening a new space (HSAMCC), the college still believes the original guidance to be true. However, out of an abundance of caution and in response to requests by made college employees, we will take additional steps to test.  We will work with appropriate consultants to test the air, building and equipment surfaces, and the soil around the building. Additional updates will be provided once the test results have been received.

In the interim, if you have questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to those currently leading the college’s response to the fire incident.

Associate Dean and Chemical Hygiene Officer | Dalila Paredes

Director of Facilities | Kimberlee Clark

Acting Director of Safety & Security | Gregory Cranson gcranson@shoreline.ed


Gregory Cranson

Director │ Department of Safety & Security

New Date: Bldg. 2900 Parking Lot Closure, Friday 5/26

Dear Campus Community,

Our vendor had to reschedule their work to tomorrow. So, tomorrow, Friday 5/26, the Bldg. 2900 Parking Lot will need to be closed tomorrow for resurfacing as a part of the work being completed to improve campus accessibility. The parking lot and paved parking along the roadway will both be closed off to allow for the work and the large equipment. The college anticipates that the lot will be open by Tuesday, 5/30. We apologize for the late notice and will strive to ensure more advanced notice whenever possible. Please contact Acting Director of Safety & Security Greg Cranson at if you have any questions.

This shows building 2900 and the parking lot that will be impacted by construction.

Construction Update for 3000 Building and 2900 Parking Lot

Hello Campus Community,

We have a minor improvement project starting this week.  This is an accessibility project for the 3000 building and 2900 parking lot.  For this project, the contractor will be installing a ramp on the north side of the 3000 building to allow for accessibility access to the 1st floor of the 3000 building.  The contractor will also be adjusting the slope for 2 accessibility parking stalls on the south side of the 2900 building parking lot.  This project has been divided into two phases.  The first phase will be the ramp which will generate noise on campus while they break up concrete.  The NE stairwell for 3000 will have intermittent accessibility as they break up the concrete and replace.  There will be access on the NW side of 3000 and access to the motorcycle parking on the north side of 3000.  The second phase will include repaving the 2 accessibility stalls on south side of 2900.  The purpose is to adjust the slope of the parking stalls and to provide a correctly sloped path from the parking stalls to the new ramp.  There will be intermittent impacts to the 2900 parking lot.  More communication will be sent once I receive the schedule and impacts to the 3000 and 2900.  

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.  

Thank you,

Kim Clark  

This is a diagram of the project location and area of impact described in the e-mail.

UPDATED- IMPORTANT: No Running water today (5/8/23) in 2600, 2700, 2800 & 2900

UPDATE: 1:38pm The water has been restored and bathrooms have been opened.

Attention Campus Community,

We’ve been notified that a water line has been cut due to construction for HSAMCC.  The contractor, Forma, is working to locate parts and fix the water line today.  The following buildings have been impacted, 2600, 2700, 2800, and 2900.  These buildings have no access to running water at the sinks or bathrooms.  Maintenance is working to put up signage at the bathrooms to direct people to other locations.  Please reach out to Kim Clark ( if you have any questions. 

Thank you,

Kim Clark 

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