Canvas updates for Sat. March 12

canvasThis Saturday, March 12, Canvas will roll out changes to several feature areas designed to improve user accessibility.

View Canvas Production Release Notes (2016-03-12)

New Features

Updated Features

Canvas update this Sat., Feb. 20

canvasIn this Saturday’s Canvas release (February 20), instructors can tell if their assignment submission Crocodoc annotations are being read by students. Canvas also includes various design enhancements to existing feature areas.

View Canvas Production Release Notes (2016-02-20)

Beta features are subject to change based on user feedback and testing. Please view the release notes for the latest information.

New Features

  • SpeedGrader: Crocodoc Student Feedback Document Review

Updated Features

  • Analytics: Graph Enhancements
  • Announcements: Announcement Likes in Student Replies
  • Assignments: External Tool URL
  • Dashboard: Sidebar Enhancements
  • Grades: Grade Sorting
  • Outcomes: Single Calculation Methods
  • Quizzes: Quiz Statistics Updates

Canvas Update Aug. 8 – No Downtime Required

Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 3.08.15 PM
In this
Saturday’s Canvas release (August 8), instructors will now be able to view student interaction reports in a new overview layout, and several Canvas features will receive small updates for clarification and consistency. This release also removes all existing Etherpad collaborations in Canvas. You can view the Canvas Production Release Notes here.

New Feature

  • People: Student Interactions Report Overview

Updated Features

  • Collaborations: Etherpad
  • Course Navigation: Gradebook Link
  • Gradebook: Excuse an Assignment in Individual View
  • Grades: Total Column Decimals
  • Outcomes: Decaying Average Calculation
  • Quizzes: Quiz Item Analysis Calculation
  • Rich Content Editor: Default Icons

Canvas Updates, Sat., July 18

Canvas will update on this Sat., July 18. In this update you will see small changes to Calendar, Assignments, Quiz grading and notifications. The production notes also include updates to existing Canvas features, other Canvas updates and fixed bugs.

View Canvas Production Release Notes (2015-07-18)

New Features

  • Calendar: Recurring Events

Updated Features

  • Assignments: Differentiated Assignment Section and Student List, Anonymous Peer Review Student Names, Assignment Details and Locked Assignments, Assignment Submissions Button
  • Files: Files Navigation Link and Content Selector Files Tab
  • Gradebook: Grades and Concluded Grading Periods, Incomplete Quiz Score Icon
  • Notifications: Excused Assignment Notifications
  • SpeedGrader: Online Submission URLs, Autosave SpeedGrader Comments
  • Users: Reported Profile Pictures

Please let eLearning know if you have questions.

Canvas Maintenance Thurs., July 16

Canvas will be performing maintenance Thurs., July 16 between 12:01 and 1:00 a.m. During this 60-minute maintenance window, there will be less than five minutes of downtime where you will be unable to access or use Canvas. Please plan your late night grading accordingly!

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