UDOIT Tool available in Canvas beginning Thurs., April 28

As part of Accessibility Action week, we are thrilled to announce that we are one of the first SBCTC colleges to be able to put the UDOIT tool into our Canvas instance!

What is UDOIT? UDOIT is a tool that can quickly check your full course for Accessibility.  It also provides information on how to fix any issues that make viewing/using your content difficult or impossible for someone using a screen reader or other assistive device.  For example, it will show you how to add styles to your text and alternative text on your images and tables.

As of this Thursday, April 28, you will see it in the left hand navigation in your Canvas classes.  It’s a “teacher only” tool so students will not be able to see it.

If you would like to learn more, please join us Thurs., April 28 for a UDOIT Party in Room 4214 from 1:30-3 p.m.! We will show you how to use the UDOIT tool and then let you try it on your own courses. In addition, the Accessibility FLC has put together a handy checklist if you want to check your course that way. FLC Members will be present to help you quickly make improvements.

If you have any questions, please ask!

Accessibility Week tip of the day for Thurs., April 28: Captioning Video Content

As we continue to celebrate Online Accessibility Action Week at Shoreline, today’s daily tip is about captioning video content.

We’ve been reading lately about universities such as MIT and Harvard being sued for lack of video captioning. While captioning is absolutely necessary for those who are hard-of-hearing, captions are also incredibly helpful for English language learners. A recent study found that 80% of viewers that use captions are in fact not deaf or hard of hearing, but simply prefer captioned content. Closed captions can improve video comprehension for all viewers, and as we use more video content in our courses, captioning becomes more important.

Live captioning has had a great impact on Business Professor Steve McCloskey’s teaching and on his students’ learning. Please take a few minutes to watch this captioned video of their experience.

We are taking a proactive approach here at Shoreline and faculty were surveyed last year about the types of video content they are using for learning activities. While faculty are welcome to provide their own video captioning, eLearning is here to help!  Unlike many other colleges, we have been able to set aside funds specifically for captioning instructional video content. Do you have videos that you use on a regular basis that need captioning? Contact eLearning: Amy Rovner (arovner@shoreline.edu) or Randy Gottfried (rgottfried@shoreline.edu)

If you want to learn more, join us for our Accessibility Sessions on campus this week!

UDOIT Party!!
Thursday, April 28, 1:30-3:00pm Room 4214

What does UDOIT mean?! UDOIT is a great new tool that is now inside Canvas – a few clicks and it has checked your full course for Accessibility.  It also provides information on how to fix the issues!  Our FLC has also put together a handy checklist if you want to check your course that way.  FLC Members will be present to show you how to use the tools and to help you quickly make improvements.

“Digital Accessibility in Higher Ed: Risk Assessment, Responsibility and Benefits”
with guest speaker Dr. Janet Sedgley, University of Montana

Friday, April 29 11:30-12:30pm, PUB
It feels like a new buzz phrase – digital accessibility.  Those steeped in it, throw the term around daily.  Most others don’t find the term very accessible (aka approachable).  More individuals are starting to understand a little about how to create accessible Word documents and that web images require alt tags.  We have added more steps to our work processes. Why?

Let’s take a step back and get a general view of what’s happening with higher education and digital accessibility.  Is it truly an issue that needs our attention, how involved are each of us and what is higher education’s return on investment as far as digital accessibility.

This presentation is part of the T&L Conference but you are welcome to attend this session even if not registered for the full conference. Please RSVP here so we have enough seats set up for you.

If you cannot attend an on campus training, please reach out to eLearning Services and we can set up individual or small group sessions.

Introducing Robert Berg, new Media Producer

IMG_7896Rob Berg comes to Shoreline following a long history of work as a staff and freelance video producer, where he created award-winning videos that span a wide range of topics for education, business, and non-profits.

Berg’s work in the Northwest began in 1990 while working as the staff producer at Seattle’s ProVideo Productions, where he created training videos and programs for continuing education for the legal community. Later, as a staff producer at both Northlight Communications and Western Video and Digital Media, he created a series of commercials and videos that broadened his video creation experience even further as he served clients that included Microsoft, T-Mobile, and Publicis.

For the past ten years, Rob was a freelance videographer/producer serving clients in education, aviation, software, construction and video gaming. It was in this capacity that Rob produced a series of documentary style programs for Seattle Schools designed to help recruit quality teachers by featuring instructors with inspirational stories.

This rich history positions Rob well to handle the variety of responsibilities he will face as the Instructional Design Department’s Video Producer. Rob is excited to look through his lens at Shoreline Community College to record and produce programs that educate, entertain, and inspire.

In his off-time Rob enjoys recording time-lapse sequences, disc golf, playing guitar, home remodeling, and theater.

Canvas Update for Sat., April 2

In the Canvas update scheduled for Sat., April 2, instructors can view calculation improvements in the Gradebook and Quizzes, access student analytics directly from the People page, and more accurately reply to group comments in SpeedGrader. All users benefit from improvements to Notifications and the Assignments submission details page. 

Updated Features

  • Assignments: Submission Details View
  • Gradebook: Individual View Final Grade Decimal Places, Module Sorting and Non-Module Assignments
  • Notifications: Notification Preference View
  • People: User Menu Analytics Link & Profiles Addition
  • Quizzes: Manually Graded Question Quiz Statistics
  • SpeedGrader: Group Submission Individual Comments View

Please let us know if you have questions.

Have a great quarter!

New eLearning Faculty In Residence, Emma Agosta

emmaShoreline has a new eLearning Faculty in Residence for spring quarter 2016 and the 2016-2017 academic year, Emma Agosta.

Emma has been a geology faculty member here at Shoreline since 2001. She has also previously served as the eLearning Faculty in Residence and is also the eLearning faculty Mentor this year. 

Emma is here to help with any of  your eLearning needs. Whether you are designing a new course, re-designing it to be reviewed for Quality Matters, trying to make it more accessible, experimenting with a hybrid or flipped modality, interested in making videos for your classes (with Panopto or other software) or if you just have a question about a specific feature of Canvas that you would like to learn how to use effectively, please feel free to contact Emma with questions.

Her regular drop-in hours this quarter are:

M&T 9-11:30 a.m.
W 10-11:30 a.m.
Th 10-11 a.m.

Those will be held in her office (FOSS 5349) unless otherwise posted. Emma is also available to come to your office at other times that might work better for you.

The best way to contact Emma is via email: eagosta@shoreline.edu

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