System Outage Update 5/25/23

Good afternoon, 

I hope that you are all having a good week and that you have some plans to get out this weekend and enjoy some of this glorious sunshine. I on the other hand will be sitting under whatever shade I can find, because as a redhead, the sun and I are sadly more like frenemies than friends. 😉 

Today I wanted to share a few updates with you, but before I do, I want to once again thank TSS for their tireless work in the restoration process. We truly appreciate you all! 

Campus Directory 

Many of you have asked about when we will be able to access our previous online campus directory. While we do not currently have access to the directory as a whole at this time, TSS and Marketing & Communications (MarCom) are working towards a solution for a new and improved directory that will be available in the future. Stay tuned for more updates. 

Website Requests 

This past week I have received many messages about our website. As a reminder if you see something that needs to be updated, please continue to fill out this form. We are continuing to work through these requests, but much like the desktop restoration process, it will take time as there are still many pieces of our site that need updating. Again, I want to thank you for your patience as we continue to move forward. 

Ransomware Investigation Update 

We are currently at a phase in the investigation where we can confirm the identity of the threat actors. The threat actor group who caused our ransomware incident goes by the name of Royal. Some of you may have encountered files at the beginning of the incident with a .royal extension, which is a hallmark of that group. 

Unfortunately, we do not know the identifies of the threat actors behind that name, but we will continue to cooperate with law enforcement in their ongoing investigations. 

That’s all for now! 



Update: Building 2600 Fire Summary

Dear Campus Community, 

This morning, just after 8:00am, a fire broke out in Building 2600. One staff member was in the building and safely evacuated after their initial attempts to extinguish the fire were unsuccessful. Our staff member immediately contacted Campus Security and 911, who had previously been notified via our campus fire alarm system.  

Campus Security and members of the Facilities department began to set up a perimeter as Shoreline Fire and neighboring partner agencies arrived on scene to begin firefighting operations. The buildings immediately surrounding the fire (2700, 2800, 2900, and the HSAAMCC construction site) were evacuated out of an abundance of caution, to limit exposure to smoke/fumes and in the event the fire jumped structures.  

The fire is fully extinguished, and the Shoreline Fire Marshal’s Office and King County Sheriff Fire Investigation Unit have completed their investigations. Director of Safety and Security Greg Cranson will reach out to stakeholders about reentry and salvage. 

Personnel from Campus Security, Facilities, and the employee that was present when the fire broke out were all assessed by Shoreline Fire medical personnel for smoke inhalation and thankfully, none required treatment.  

Classes and college business will resume in the surrounding buildings (2700, 2800, 2900, HSAAMCC site) on Wednesday, 05/24/2023. Due to damage from this incident, Building 2600 will now remain unoccupied and unused until its preplanned demolition this fall to make way for the new STEAM building.  The college has identified space for classes and labs typically held in Building 2600, and those updates have been passed on to instructors and students. Due to the incident, the 2200, 2700, and 2800 buildings have no HVAC. We are working with Puget Sound Energy on a timeline for restoration.

The college is incredibly grateful for the work done by Shoreline Fire and their partner agencies who responded quickly to fight the fire. While the loss of equipment and space is unfortunate, material items can be replaced. We are thankful that no college employees or fire personnel were injured during the fire. 

The college will hold a debrief to determine what went well and identify the areas where we can improve, as the pursuit of providing a safe and secure campus is always our first priority. 

If you have questions, please feel free to contact the Acting Director of Safety & Security Greg Cranson at 



President’s Video Update & System Outage Access Update 5/23/23

Good afternoon,  

Just when you thought you had received your last e-mail from me…surprise! 😊 I have a few more things to share with you today. 

Included in this e-mail you will find the link to the latest President’s video update, updates on the file restoration process, and new information on how to add yourself to the RAVE emergency alert system if you are not currently subscribed.  If you did not receive a text or call from the emergency alert system this morning reporting updates regarding this morning’s fire in Building 2600, then you are not subscribed. 

President’s Update 

The link for President Kahn’s monthly video update can be found via YouTube 

File Restoration Update 

TSS is diligently working through the file restoration requests they have received.  To view the status of your file restoration request, please visit this link. 

As a reminder to be added to the queue for local file restoration, please submit a ticket via this form. 

RAVE Emergency Alert System: 

Due to the ransomware incident the internal process to add individuals to RAVE is currently not active.  If you would like to be added to the RAVE emergency alert system at this time, please visit the following link.  Please note that when you click on the link you may need to type Shoreline Community College into the search bar to be added directly into the Shoreline RAVE system. 

Have a great night! 

SCC Alert: Emergency Update

Hello Campus Community:

Shoreline Fire and regional agencies are still active on scene at Bldg. 2600.  Please stay away from the area.  

Bldg. 2300, 2600, 2700, 2800, 2900 and the HSCC construction site have all been evacuated safely with no injuries reported.  On-campus classes in these buildings are cancelled for the day.  

More info regarding the rest of the week to follow. 

Staff in these buildings are directed to work from home or may connect with HR to request an alternate on-campus work location. 

Cat Chiappa, MAT

Executive Director of Strategic Communications and Marketing

Construction Update: Brick Sealer application ongoing this week

Hello Campus community,

Our HSAMCC project will have some exterior work done this week and next.  The contractor, Forma, will be applying a brick sealer starting on the south side working east to west.  See image below. 

The sealant being used is Sure Klean Blok-Guard, a water-based masonry water repellent applied via sprayer at close range.  The contractor doesn’t anticipate any issues around the jobsite area given application method, the existing jobsite fencing w/ netting, and relative distance to any occupied buildings.  However, there might be a slight odor in the air around the building. 

Please reach out to Kim Clark ( with any questions or concerns.  

Thank you

This show a blueprint of campus narrowing in on the new HSAMCC Building and shows where the sealer will be applied.
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