Power Outage Reminder

As a reminder, on Saturday, Sunday, Monday & Tuesday, June 15, 16, 17 & 18, there is a planned power outage. The transformer that services the 1000, 1100, 1200, & 1300 buildings is being replaced (the old one is original to the building constructed in 1965). The 1000 building electrical panels are also being replaced and a new emergency generator has been installed that will service the 1000 building only during a future power outage, should one occur. As a result, these four buildings will be without power on these four days. An emergency generator will be set up to provide power to the main phone room in the 1000 building so phone service is not interrupted.

The power outage has some impacts to the college operation on Monday & Tuesday, June 17 & 18, especially those who work in the 1000 & 1200 buildings and those who need to meet and/or contact staff in these two buildings. As a result, temporary accommodations have been arranged for personnel in the 1000 & 1200 buildings. Please see this list showing Temporary Staff Locations. That document will show room numbers where you can find them during the power outage and identify personnel who will be off campus on those two days.

I will be posting signage to further communicate the planned power outage, along with sending this notice out to various listserves.

Thank you for your assistance and cooperation during this needed infrastructure improvement.

Bob Roehl

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