Suicide Prevention/Intervention techniques when working with Veterans workshop, Wed., Feb. 17

You are invited to attend a workshop on Suicide Prevention/Intervention techniques when working with Veterans.  The event is:

Wednesday, February 17 from 2:30-4:30 p.m. (you may arrive or leave early if needed) in room 1402.

Please plan on attending this important training!!  Contact me with questions: Kathy Cook, ext 4544.

Below  is a bio on one of the presenters (please note I attended a two-day workshop Rebecca hosted last year, and it was one of the most informational presentations I have attended in many years!  I left with a great deal of relevant and useful information I have already put to good use!!)

I am a WA Certified Peer Counselor and Army Veteran, with a background in mental health awareness and suicide prevention. I have extensive experience with direct crisis and suicide intervention, and spent several years answering these calls on the crisis hotlines. Now I teach others these skills through a variety of workshops and classes. I live with managed depression and PTSD, faced my own suicide ideation when I was medically discharged, and have lost several close friends to suicide. My life has been uniquely shaped by suicide and mental illness and my goal is to use my personal experiences to help others navigate similar situations. I am now the Suicide Prevention Program Manager for the WA National Guard and continue to volunteer with Veterans in the community. I have an open book, open door policy; I am always happy to share my story and you can always contact me for any reason. If I don’t have the answer you need, I will find someone who does.

Rebecca Wolf
Suicide Prevention Program Manager
Accenture Federal Services Contractor
WA Army National Guard

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