FREE staged reading of Chris Fisher’s “Steel,” directed by Duygu Erdogan Monson

Steel Poster 75%
Come check out a FREE staged reading of “Steel,” a new play written by Shoreline faculty Chris Fisher and directed by Shoreline faculty Duygu Erdogan Monson.

Featuring: Shoreline faculty members, Debra Pralle and Tony Doupé, Shoreline alumni, Dawson Doupé and Jason Adkins, Sharva Maynard, Rich Morris, Adrien Gamache, and Miles Pralle.
Where: Shoreline Community College Blackbox Studio Theatre, Rm. 4107 in the basement of the library.
When: April 15th and 16th at 7:30pm. Discussion to follow.

Presented by the Shoreline Community College Theatre and Film Department.

For more information please contact Tony Doupé,

FREE EVENT, Tickets at the door.

A note from the director of Steel, Duygu Erdogan Monson
Can we speak now? Are we safe? Has enough time passed? Have we healed enough? May I ask my questions now? I have a lot of questions…

Does my skin color, my religion, my ethnicity make you mad if I ask you my questions?

Fifteen years after the 9/11 attacks it is still heartbreaking to see the pain of the nation and the individuals who buried their loved ones and also their souls under the steel of the Twin Towers. Their minds have wandered with the dust particles since. 

This is an invitation to join the conversation. It is time to listen. Believe me, you will hear a lot, and realize, you have a lot to talk about…


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