Join us for Molly Magai Artist’s Reception, Thurs., April 14

Please join us for an Artist’s Reception for the Molly Magai exhibit in the Admin building (1000 bldg.) art gallery on Thurs., April 14, 4-6 p.m. The exhibit is only open through this Fri., April 15, so this is one of your last chances to see it!
MOLLY MAGAI Poster-email[5]

Molly Magai Artist Statement
I make paintings of landscapes dominated by cities, roads, industry, and the living things that inhabit them. These structures, created for human convenience, are very much in conflict with nature. They are also an awe-inspiring human accomplishment, the work of generations of builders and engineers. Most of us ignore these landscapes as we pass by them. My job as a genre painter is to make you see them, in their destructiveness and their beauty.

I make paintings based on snapshots I take from a moving vehicle. Handicapped by the car’s speed, the camera creates inadvertent effects – unexpected colors, halos, and blurs. I’m interested in the sensation of speed, and the way the image is filtered first through the camera, the painter, and the painting. 

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