Ride the wave and refer students to come SEA us!

Dear Campus:

The Shoreline Early Alert (SEA) team would like to thank staff and faculty for continuing to refer students to academic intervention, support, and services! We are currently at over 160 (domestic and international) SEA referrals…that’s over double where we were at this point last quarter! Thank you for continuing to support our students and connecting them to resources.

Since an early alert works best when it’s early, this is a reminder that May 9th is the last day a “W” grade is issuedso there is still time to refer students for intervention. Examples of SEA referrals include: 

  • Low test scores
  • Unexplained excessive absenteeism or tardiness
  • Pacing in an online class
  • Not doing assignments
  • Financial matters
  • External concerns

What happens next:
After our team receives a referral a member will work to respond within 24 hours to both you and the student. We continue to reach out to the student in order to set up an initial meeting where we assess the student’s needs and most appropriate resources. *REMINDER: Intervention is a process and may not produce immediate results. Our goal is to reach out to the student early in the quarter and connect them to the appropriate resources.*

Visit our site to learn more about SEA or to view our Referral Form.

We look forward to continuing to work with you and to support our students!

Nicki Sunwall, Erin Wilson, Lianne Almughirah, Jennifer Coogan

Shoreline Early Alert (SEA) Flyer 2016[2]

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