Earth Week 2016 Recap – a sustainable success!

Earth Week 2016 was a success! Take a look:

Beginning April 18, Shoreline Community College, hosted a series of events to make up a spectacular Earth Week. Close to 1,900 people participated in one way or another in our Earth Week 2016 activities, greater than the 700 contacts the year prior. We had a diverse array of campus participants who reached out to 1,334 contacts over the course of the week. We also strengthened our community connections, as our community partners were able to reach out to our students, faculty, and staff on campus.

The students facilitated several events, as did the faculty. One example included the Recycling/Compost Contest with 165 people who signed up to play the game.

With the integration of Earth Week activities into the classroom, the message of environmental sustainability made it to more students. Some professors who participated in this manner include Chip Dodd, Emma Agosta, Ernest Johnson, Matt Loper,  Michelle Kleisath, Tim Payne, Judy Penn, Tony Doupe, Lauren Greathouse, and Claire Putney.

The most enduring activity was the native habitat restoration, which included 40 participants who removed 500 square feet of ivy and planted 145 native trees, shrubs, and groundcovers in the forested area just north of the campus track. Go ahead and wander back there for a look!

Most of the campus participants reported that they were able to meet the learning outcomes they set before their activity took place, and most met or exceeded the number of participants that they expected for their activity.

Thank you to everyone involved and here’s to next year!


  1. Stephanie says:

    I was really impressed with the depth and breadth of all the Earth Week events on campus. It shows our college’s commitment to protecting the planet. Great job!

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