REMINDER:  Faculty opportunity – AVID for Higher Education Summer Institute (July 6 – 8)

Please consider joining a Shoreline team at the AVID for Higher Education (AHE) Summer Institute (July 6 – 8). During her recent visit, Yvonne Ortiz noted that a common theme among our current practices and challenges was helping students build their identity as college students. The Summer Institute will be a time to identify ways we can infuse this theme into a first-year student success course, as well as all aspects of the Shoreline experience. The work of the campus team will continue throughout the 2016-17 academic year.

We have up to five slots for faculty (instructional or non-instructional) to join our campus team and attend the AHE Summer Institute with members of the AHE leadership team (Cheryl Roberts, Alison Stevens, Kim Thompson, Guy Hamilton, Stuart Trippel). If you have interest in joining this campus team, please submit brief (3 – 4 sentence) answers to questions below to Bayta Maring ( or Guy Hamilton ( by Friday, June 10.

1. Please describe your personal interest in joining the AHE campus team.

2. If applicable, in what specific ways have you approached student growth and identity development either inside or outside the classroom (e.g., fostering a growth mindset, developing specific study skills, introducing college-level expectations, helping student navigate an educational pathway)?

The team will be selected by Tuesday, June 14, and will attend 1 – 2 planning sessions between June 14 and July 5. All team members will be traveling to Denver the evening of July 5 and returning the evening of July 8. All planning session and travel costs including per diem will be covered by the college. If you have questions about logistics of this trip, please contact Julie Bathke (

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