Laramie County Community College Visits to Learn about SCC’s Virtual Campus

A team from Laramie County Community College (LCCC) in Wyoming visited Shoreline Community College (SCC) all day on Monday, June 13th. LCCC came to SCC to learn about its Virtual Campus and associated online services, as LCCC has a grant to develop something similar. They met with staff from Academic & Student Affairs, Advising & Coaching, eLearning Services, Enrollment and Financial Aid Services, Financial Services, Instructional Media, the Library, Office of Special Services, Technology Support Services, as well as faculty leaders in eLearning.

“They asked every group what services are not available to online or remote students, and I was glad to hear over and over again that nearly all of our services are available to that student population,” said Ann Garnsey-Harter, Executive Director of the Virtual Campus, eLearning, and Instructional Technology.

Garnsey-Harter continued, “That’s a good thing because 14% of our students–that’s 1,423 unduplicated headcount–are taking all of their coursework completely online and may not be coming to our physical campus.”


  1. Thank you for hosting our LCCC team and for helping us in this endeavor. We hear great things about Shoreline’s Virtual Campus!
    – Joe Schaffer, LCCC President

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