Fall Convocation and Opening Week 2016 preliminary schedule

Dear Colleague,

I am looking forward to an exciting and meaningful time together for Fall Convocation! Please mark your calendar for an entire day of gathering and learning on September 14 and other professional learning events September 15-20. Fall Convocation and Opening Week will culminate with the first day of classes on September 21, 2016!

I want to thank the Fall Convocation group for their input and great ideas regarding Fall Convocation and Opening Week. We have great suggestions for professional learning opportunities at concurrent sessions on September 16th and 19th. Yvonne Ortiz of Avid for Higher Education will inspire us on September 16; Nature Walks and Construction project walkabouts will keep us well informed and, of course, welcoming our new employees and students is a top priority!

The DRAFT schedule can be downloaded here for your reviewWe will keep you informed as the schedule evolves.

Looking forward to a tremendous start to fall and our new academic year.


Cheryl Roberts


  1. So great to have these dates and times early. I hope they will be put in the CALENDAR so we can just download them directly into outlook. Thank you.

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