Artist Phil Eidenberg-Noppe talks about his Oso exhibit Tues., June 28

Join us on Tues., June 28 from 3:30-5 p.m. in the Admin building (1000 bldg) art gallery for an Artist’s Reception and Lecture by Phil Eidenberg-Noppe, whose Oso Landslide Photography exhibit, “Reconciling Risk and Suspending Belief,” is currently on display.

The Oso Landslide Project is a time-based photo documentary project that began prior to the devastating landslide of March, 2014. Eidenberg-Noppe, a hydrologist and photographer, documented the area in April 2012, March 2013, June and November of 2014, and September 2015. The collection includes large-scale panoramic photographs of a dramatically altered landscape, as well as detailed images capturing the personal effects of this powerful and tragic event. An essay about the project titled: “Reconciling Risk and Suspending Belief” is published on

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