Announcement from President Roberts: Financial Areas & Leadership Centralization

Dear Colleague,

Shoreline Community College is centralizing the leadership of its financial areas. This change will provide for the consolidation of budget, finance, capital, and other operational functions under Executive Team member Stuart Trippel. Dawn Vinberg, who will remain as Executive Director for Budget and Capital, will now report to Trippel, whose new title will be Senior Executive Director and CFO.

As Executive Director for Budget and Capital, Vinberg will continue to provide leadership to the Facilities and Safety and Security Departments, in addition to the Budget Office. “After reflection, I asked President Roberts for the opportunity and additional time to concentrate on operational projects that are vital to the College,” said Vinberg. “We have a lot of capital projects. We also need to focus on developing a comprehensive emergency management plan, which is critical to all of higher education, including Shoreline. In addition, I look forward to partnering with departments to explore streamlining our work as a college.”

President Cheryl Roberts noted, “As we move forward into the world of the new allocation model for state funding, having all financial functions reporting through a single executive will ensure that we are responsive to changing conditions. I continue to have confidence in Dawn’s leadership and appreciate her willingness to focus on these areas.”

The change will take effect immediately. Both Vinberg and Trippel will remain in their current offices in Building 1000.

Cheryl Roberts, Ed.D.

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