Construction update for fall 2016 and where to find services the first weeks of school

The following announcement regarding construction updates and the relocation of services around campus went out to current students. Please familiarize yourself with the information below to ensure you’re able to help students find their way around campus in the first few weeks of fall quarter.

Thank you!

Welcome to fall quarter! The construction team has been working hard all summer to update the campus. Some areas are still under construction, so here is where you’ll find the services you need to be successful this quarter.

Library Services:

  • Borrow or reserve books/textbooks in the Pagoda Student Union Building (PUB), room 9203, until September 26.
  • The Library main doors will open on October 3. Until then, please use the first-floor entrances on the east side of the building to access the Library and Learning Centers (there are stairs and an accessible elevator on the first floor). 

ID Cards and Automated Teller Cash Machine (ATM):

  • ID cards can be obtained now in the Bookstore and the HigherOne ATM is located right outside the Bookstore.

Tutoring Services and Learning Centers:

Computer Lab:

  • The computer lab remains on the first floor of the 4000 building and is open and ready to help.

Career Education Options (CEO) Program:

  • The CEO program relocated to the first floor of the FOSS 5000 building. Some remodel work will continue in this new combined Workforce and CEO area for a short time, so please be patient as we build a great space.

Ongoing Construction Areas:

  • Some construction will continue in the 1400 Classroom Building, 1600 Theater Building, 1900 Parent Child Center, 2500 Manufacturing Building, 2700 Science Building, and 2900 Annex Classroom Building. Please be aware of and obey caution tape and fencing that marks the construction areas.

Once the construction is complete, the newly remodeled areas of campus will be an even better place to learn! The College is happy you are here and wishes you a great fall 2016.


  1. Typically I have students waiting for their books to arrive. In the past, I have had textbooks on reserve in the library for them to check out for a couple of hours at a time. Is this service still available?

    • akinsel2016 says:

      Hi, Brooke, Yes, textbooks and other course materials are still on reserve. Library services are open this week in the PUB Fishbowl 9room 9203). Beginning Monday, September 26, library services will reopen in the 4000 building with access via the doors on the 4100 (lower) level only. Students can check out reserved books at circulation in room 4216, the same location as last year. The front doors to the library will reopen on Monday, October 3. Thank you for helping students to sort through the location of and access to library services this week and next. Amy Kinsel, Dean of SS/ESJ/LIB/PCC

    • Cherl Lovseth says:

      Hi Brooke, yes it is! Come see us in the PUB, we have all the course reserves available there. They will be moved once our building reopens and still available for students.

    • Brooke, the Library is holding all textbook reserves in 9203 this week. We’ll move them back into our home building over the weekend, and they’ll be ready when the doors open Monday the 26th.

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