Fall Welcome Week 2016 – Events and activities for Wed., Sept. 21

Please join us for Fall Welcome Week! There will be games, food, giveaways, and music. Let’s start off the school year with great school spirit welcoming our students back to campus.

Wed., Sept. 21

8-10:30 a.m. Coffee and Treats – Bus Turnaround
The Student Leadership Center would like to welcome you back to school with some morning coffee, tea, and pastries!

11 a.m. – 1 p.m. Food Trucks & Games in the Courtyard
Choose between delicious Peruvian sandwiches or fusion Asian cuisine. The Arts & Entertainment Board will be facilitating games and will have giveaways as well.

1:30 p.m Workshop 1: Surviving & Thriving in College – PUB 9208 
Transitioning to college can be difficult, but we are here to help you. Join Counseling Services to learn about coping strategies and ways to keep yourself healthy all around.

2:30 p.m. Workshop 2: Gearing Up for College Success – PUB 9208
We will cover the college experience, differences between high school and college, tips for being a student at Shoreline, good time management techniques, and much more!

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