Winter Closure – Comp Time Accrual Opportunities


As agreed upon in the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) recently signed with the WFSE-HE related to the planned closure of our campus during the week following this year’s Christmas holiday (December 27th – 30th, 2016) classified staff are being provided with opportunities to earn compensatory (comp) time through professional development activities scheduled to occur between now through November 30, 2016 as listed below: 

Course/Training Title

Time (Hrs)



WFSE Contract Training


PUB – Quiet Dining Rm

10/7/16 @ 5:30 p.m.

10/8/16 @ 9:00 a.m.

Communication Fundamentals


Determined by employee

Customer Service Fundamentals


Determined by employee

Fred Kofman on Managing Conflict


Determined by employee

Discover Your Strengths


Determined by employee

Building Trust w/ Brenda Bailey-Hughes


Determined by employee

Time Management with Outlook 2016


Determined by employee

Project Management Fundamentals


Determined by employee

Getting Things Done


Determined by employee

Writing in Plain English


Determined by employee

Grammar Fundamentals


Determined by employee

 For the items listed above, classified staff are authorized to complete these specific training activities outside of their regular work schedules (including at home) as part of the opportunities being provided for the accrual of comp time for the campus closure.

Upon completion of each online training activity listed above, please be sure to:

  1. Print and submit the certificate of completion to HR
  2. List the additional hours worked in TLR, selecting comp time earned and including a comment as follows: “mm/dd: comp time earned for winter closure

Directions for login to can be found HERE. For help using, please contact TSS at x5872.

Note that supervisors may (with prior HR approval) provide alternate opportunities for the accrual of comp time, as business needs necessitate, within their individual areas and independent of the upcoming professional development activities.

Please contact the Office of Human Resources at or the WFSE Chief Shop Steward Jerry Owens at or x4519 with any questions you have about this information.

Thank you,
Director of Personnel
Shoreline Community College
Tel 206-546-7858

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