Message from President Roberts: New Alignment of International Education

Dear Colleague,

With the onset of our strategic planning this academic year, we are taking a close look at our structures to assure we are bringing all of our resources to create a consistent, quality educational experience for all our students. The student experience is enhanced when we work as a cross-college team, pooling our respective knowledge and practices.

As we move toward creating an equitably supported experience for each student, we recognize that in international education, there is greater competition and a more complex environment for recruiting students to colleges, including Shoreline. This has required us to pivot and make the adjustments I describe below.

In order to address both the alignment of the student experience, and the development of new opportunities and relationships, the College will move forward with two changes effective immediately. First, International Education will move to Academic and Student Affairs under Dr. Alison Stevens’s leadership. Second, Diana Sampson will assume the title of Associate Vice President and Special Assistant to the President for International Education. This title reflects similar positions within our state, and gives us a competitive advantage in the new marketplace.

In discussions of this new alignment, Ms. Sampson states, “I am very excited to work closely with Dr. Stevens to advance global initiatives and help International Education integrate more fully into the life of the College.” Dr. Stevens adds, “Through this alignment, the College is demonstrating our commitment to equitable and robust support for each and every one of our 10,000-plus credit students, together with a strong focus on academic rigor and successful completion. I am delighted to be able to apply my experience and background in both domestic and international education in this next step toward ensuring that we fulfill the Shoreline promise!”

Thank you,

Cheryl Roberts, Ed.D.

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