Job Seekers’ Roundtable featuring Paul Valenti, Fri., Nov. 18

Don’t miss Paul Valenti, one of Seattle’s most connected professionals for Plus 50 job and business opportunities. Fri., Nov. 18: 1-2:30 p.m., PUB 9202

This is Roundtable’s version of a TED Talk, with a career coach pro who has helped hundreds of our over 50 crowd find jobs over the years. Paul has been with the Mayor’s Office for Senior Citizens, Employment Resource Center for just over 8 years where he specializes in assisting older job seekers secure part and full time jobs. He is a former Hawaii State Legislative Lobbyist and the former Program Manager of the Center for Learning and Undergraduate Enrichment (CLUE) at the University of Washington.

Paul is a certified Dependable Strengths Trainer and a professional Job Search and Employment Speaker and Counselor. He has an inspirational and at times humorous story to share about how he beat the odds and became a success. Also LOTS to share about networking both online and in person. Hear some of his proven tricks for success using Linkedin – and even schedule a one-on-one!

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