Jazz Improvisation Concert, Tues., Nov. 29

Join us on Tuesday afternoon for a free concert featuring the performances of students enrolled in the Jazz Improvisation class, directed by our award-winning music faculty, Steve Kim. The band is typically comprised of students playing guitar, bass, drum, keys/piano and various horns.

What is Jazz Improvisation? Improv is a key aspect of jazz. Basically, improvisation is composing on the spot, in which a singer or instrumentalist invents solo melodies and lines over top of a chord progression played by rhythm section instruments (piano, electric guitar, double bass, etc.) and also accompanied by drum kit. The intended outcome is individual expression, emphatic musical interaction, and creative response to shifting contents.

It’s cool to listen to music in the middle of your day, so come by for a little jazz improv:

When: Tuesday, Nov. 29 at 12:30
Where: PUB Lobby

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