Upholding Individual Expression and College Safety

Dear Colleagues,

As a community of diverse people, we at Shoreline value opportunities to both share our own points of view and allow others to express theirs. Our ability to engage in respectful dialogue is necessary for us to grow and develop as individuals and as a community.

In addition to our campus Community Standard, I want to affirm that our College supports the rights and responsibilities for individual freedom of expression. While words or symbols may prompt different reactions from us — especially in a heightened political climate — we have a responsibility to distinguish freedom of expression from words or actions that are a threat to individuals or groups.

In our commitment to ensure all students are welcome and supported, we take all concerns for safety and civil rights seriously.

Please share the following information with students and colleagues you interact with at Shoreline:

  • SAFETY ON CAMPUS – If you have a question or concern about your immediate safety on campus, please contact Safety and Security (206-546-4633, FOSS 5000 Building). If you are reporting an emergency, call 911.
  • COUNSELING SERVICES – If you are looking for confidential support to cope with stress, anxiety, or feeling overwhelmed, please contact Shoreline’s Counseling Services (206-546-4594, FOSS 5000 Building).

I encourage each of us to listen, look, and actively participate in respectful dialogue that will help us learn together. I ask each of you to reflect on and demonstrate the values that we share here together to support our continued growth as a community of learners.

Cheryl Roberts, Ed.D.

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