Shoreline is a Welcoming Campus: A Message from President Roberts


Dear Colleague,

In the past few days, federal immigration policy has shifted, leaving many questions and concerns about how this impacts us as individuals, as a college community, and as a nation.

On Monday, I sent a message regarding our international students – for whom the College issues immigration documents – to let them know that we recommend they refrain from international travel while enforcement of the new Executive Order is clarified.

I also want to extend my support to all students who come to Shoreline to study, including those who have status as immigrants, refugees, asylum seekers, permanent residents, and naturalized citizens.

As stated in a campus message on January 3, our students’ education records – including information regarding immigration status – are protected by federal privacy laws. Our college has no legal obligation or affirmative duty to enforce federal immigration law; that is the responsibility of federal law enforcement agencies.

This means we do not request immigration documentation except as needed to process international student paperwork and to determine the eligibility of resident tuition rates. We do not make admissions decisions about students based on immigration status, nor do our campus security detain or question people based on suspicion of undocumented status.

Shoreline is proud to have a strong legacy as a college that welcomes learners from all backgrounds and nationalities. We remain steadfast in our commitment to being a welcoming and inclusive campus for all.

Cheryl Roberts, Ed.D.

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