Reminder: Shoreline’s participation in CCSSE starts Mon., Feb. 6

The college is participating in the Community College Survey of Student Engagement (CCSSE, often called “Sessy”) this quarter. The survey was last administered in 2015 and the results from this new survey will to continue to inform efforts in creating an environment that enhances the student learning experience here at Shoreline.

The survey will be administered in person in about 55 classes from February 6th – March 13th. To generate a representative sample of students, national CCSSE office personnel will select which classes are surveyed by using a stratified random sampling technique. It is anticipated that it will take most if not all of one class period for students to complete the survey.

“I realize it is a great hardship to sacrifice a class period to gather this information, but I believe the CCSSE data are even more relevant now than they have been in the past,” says Alison Stevens, Executive Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs. “The results of the Winter 2015 survey suggest that, compared to other similar schools, we are essentially average in how we engage students. Fortunately for us, we now have a strategic plan designed to move us from average to extraordinary.”

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