Global Showcase 2017 recap and photos

img_4184Global Showcase 2017, hosted by the International Peer Mentors, took place on Tuesday, February 28. Global Showcase is an annual presentation and celebration of cultures by Shoreline students and staff from around the world! Students from 18 different regions of the world participated: Kazakhstan, Thailand, China, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, France, Pakistan, Taiwan, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, South Korea, Jordan, Japan, and Central and West Africa.

The Shoreline community was able to see stage performances, try traditional snacks and beverages, play traditional games and instruments, and even try on clothing at the various booths! We were happy to see many international and domestic students come through the Main Dining Room to learn about the cultures – and we loved seeing faculty and staff from many areas around campus.

Global Showcase 2017 was a blast this year and it was a wonderful opportunity for the campus to come together and celebrate the great diversity we have in our community.

For photos, check out the Global Showcase 2017 flickr album on the college’s flickr page. 

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