S^3 Shoreline Students Speak *Gender Celebration*, Tues., March 7

The Public Speaking Leadership Club, working jointly with the American Honors Student Council and the Public Speaking Center, is kicking off a series of themed monthly events dubbed S^3 (“S-cubed” for Shoreline Students Speak), starting with a community conversation on Tues., March 7, 11:30am-1pm in PUB 9208/Quiet Dinging Room.

The theme for March is *Gender Celebration*. Topics that will be covered by students that are tentatively scheduled to present include the Women’s March, transgender rights, women in the military, all-gender bathrooms, and the gender pay gap in STEM fields. If you know students who might want to present, please have them contact the club through their facebook page ASAP. This is not a lecture series – it is about fostering a community in which students can share/hear differing viewpoints and have conversations about those viewpoints.

These will be set up as fairly unstructured, open-mic-type events designed to give students a chance to both listen to and express their opinions on the event theme. Depending on time constraints, there will be some students making prepared 5-10 minute presentations, some small group discussions on current theme-related events, and some large group conversation. All students are welcome to just come listen or submit a presentation plan or anything in between.

The American Honors Student Council will be providing themed “actionable tasks” – events to attend, organizations to check out, etc. If you have an upcoming class or event that would fit the theme, we will have a table of information and would be happy to put out flyers for your class – if you have anything you would like us to include at the table, let me know and we can arrange for someone to pick them up from you.

Thank you for sharing this with your students!

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