College Tagline: A Message from President Roberts

Dear Colleague,

It’s an exciting time to be at Shoreline. We are pleased to announce the results of the two recent tagline surveys. One of the recommendations from our strategic enrollment management study with the CLARUS Corporation was the need to establish a more cohesive college identity. After a year-long college identity study with students, employees, the local community, and competitor schools, CLARUS has synthesized all of the data into recommendations that reflect a single college promise that people can expect Shoreline to deliver:

“Shoreline Community College helps people discover personal direction by providing educational opportunities that enable students to reach their full potential. Graduates leave prepared to connect with and contribute to the world around them.”

From this statement, two taglines were tested with key audiences: “Engage. Become.” and “Connect. Achieve.” 543 surveys were collected between January 27-February 4. The winner by a slight margin was “Connect. Achieve.” However, after reading the individual comments, we discovered that many people expressed uncertainty about the words “become” and “connect.” Many suggested that “Engage. Achieve.” was the combination that truly represented Shoreline Community College.

After reviewing the research results, the Executive Team decided that one more test would be useful for the College. So another survey was designed to test “Connect. Achieve.” against “Engage. Achieve.” 389 surveys were collected between February 13-17. The winner was “Engage. Achieve.”

The final tagline recommendation for Shoreline Community College is: “Engage. Achieve.

Together, the positioning statement, tagline, new marketing messages, and refreshed graphic identity standards will become a unified and compelling platform that will allow the entire campus to align with a clear, fresh, and positive college identity that reflects what we do best.

In the coming months, please watch for additional information and guidance about how the college identity platform will be introduced and rolled out across the campus (including print materials, advertising, website, etc). Thank you for your generous input. Your comments helped the College craft a message that will ensure we deliver on our promise to the diverse students and communities we serve. I look forward to continuing our work of helping students reach their full potential.


Cheryl Roberts, Ed.D.


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