DAIPAN Butoh Performance in the gallery, Tues., March 14

butoh_three image
Join us for the 2nd gallery performance event of the 2017 Seattle Butoh Festival. Witness live performances and peruse captivating images of butoh performers. Compelling highlights include photography by Bruce Clayton Tom and two large-format paintings by Ruthie V.

Performances at this event feature:

    • Kaoru Okumura
    • Christopher Arnett
    • Diana Garcia-Snyder

Exhibition of photographs and paintings runs Mar 6-Apr 14, viewable Mon-Fri during building hours. https://www.facebook.com/events/1827862200796359/

This is the second in a series of gallery shows leading up to the Seattle Butoh Festival Mainstage shows at the Shoreline Community College Theater.

** Additional live gallery performances:

Mar 21 and Apr 4 at 4:30pm

To include Joan Laage, Erica Howard, Ari Rudenko, Ivan Espinosa, Lela Besom, Paula Helen, and Vanessa Skantze.

** Mainstage shows for “Seattle Butoh Festival 2017: Hidden Histories of the Body” run Apr 7-9: https://www.facebook.com/events/1787434224914349/

More info: www.daipanbutoh.com (including info on workshops by visiting artists)

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