Einstein 8th Graders here for a tour on Fri., March 24

It’s time for the annual Einstein 8th grade tour of our campus on Friday, March 24 from approximately 9-11 a.m.

350 (yes, 350!) 8th graders from our local middle school, along with 40 teachers and parents, will experience our beautiful college campus and programs during a whirlwind tour. They only have an hour, so it is literally a fun, quick, and chaotic whirlwind view of our college for our future students. They go to the UW after our tour. The principal tells me that the teachers and students love this tour, more than UW.

Usually, this tour happens during our Spring Break but due to our change in schedule, this year’s tour falls on our last day of finals. I have communicated with key parties and departments to ensure student finals won’t be disrupted.

It has been amazing to meet students in our local high schools who have come to Shoreline Community College for Math Olympiad in 4-8th grade, STEM Festival, and the annual 8th grade Einstein trip and are now getting ready to register for classes here. Fabulous.

Say hi to this crowd of 8th graders on Friday morning if you have an opportunity!

If you have questions, please let Amy Stapleton know at astaplet@shoreline.edu or Ext. 7841. If you’d like to join us for this fun time, that’s great and appreciated.

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