Shoreline Early Alert for Spring 2017

To all Faculty and Staff:

It’s great to see everyone back on campus, especially our students, as we get started with another quarter! As an ongoing support and service, we’d like to remind you about Shoreline Early Alert (SEA). SEA is designed to provide academic intervention to students encountering difficulty in the pursuit of their academic goals. We recognize that intervention is a process and may not produce immediate results. That is why it is our goal is to reach out to the student early in the quarter and connect them to the appropriate resources.

During Winter Quarter 2017 we received over 190 early alert referrals! Most of these students have been connected to resources, such as Success Coaching, International Student Services, Tutoring, etc., although a small number did not respond to our outreach efforts. Thank you for your partnership to provide this service, your referrals are extremely important to this intervention and support for our students!

We’d like to introduce you to two new SEA Team members: Carrie Bayless serving in the role of Student Success Coach-Completion and Noah Lagasse serving as administrative support for SEA.


Use the SEA Referral Form to make a referral. A SEA Team member will respond within 24 hours by reaching out to both you and the student. We will continue provide outreach to the student in order to connect with them.

Examples of SEA referrals include:
• Low test or quiz scores
• Difficulties with attendance, tardiness, or pacing with class
• Excessive missing assignments
• Lack of participation or communication
• Connecting to support and resources
• External concerns (e.g. family issues, financial matters)

Please view the flyer below and visit our site to learn more about SEA or to view our Referral Form.

We look forward to continuing to work with you and to support our students!

SEA Team
Nicki Sunwall, Carrie Bayless, Lianne Almughirah, Jennifer Coogan, Noah Lagasse


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