Instructional Designer office hours for faculty drop-in

Hello Faculty! It would be great to speak with you to talk about instructional design ideas you have for your face-to-face, hybrid, or online courses.

I will have drop-in times this spring from 12:30-2 p.m. every Wednesday and Friday in Rm. 5364. My FOSS office phone is 206-533-6798.

Here are some great topics we could also discuss if you are interested:

Converting your face-to-face course into a hybrid course over the summer
Flipping your class over the summer
Reducing emails from students about where to find things on Canvas
Increasing student engagement in your courses
Time reduction in grading, better feedback without increasing workload
Best gradebook set up for you and your students

Click here for more faculty resources in the Faculty eLearning resource course.

Click here if you want the Faculty eLearning Resource Course to show on your dashboard.

Hope to see you soon!
Jeff Iannone
Instructional Designer
instructional design

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