Learning Disability Awareness Week message about accessibility

Why is this important to me?
At Shoreline, we are making efforts to make all of our online content more accessible to everyone – students, faculty and staff, and the public. Our Faculty Learning Community (FLC) has been working hard for the past three years to share information about how all of us can help. Hopefully, by now you have heard about “Accessibility.” Perhaps you have attended a training session on Creating Accessible Syllabi or the importance of captioning online video content. We are doing this because it’s a way to support diversity on our campus, it is about inclusion, it’s about student success, and because it’s the law.

Here are some interesting numbers to consider for Shoreline classes this Spring 2017.

294 students have registered with our Disability Services Office for some type of learning accommodation
• this impacts 429 courses
•and this impacts 239 faculty

That’s a lot of students. Are there students who haven’t registered with our Disability Office who might still need assistance?


Unlike in high school, students must advocate for themselves regarding their disability assistance needs in college. For a variety of reasons, many students do not register with Disability Services and could be struggling without the support. This impacts their success in their classes and can cause them to leave college.

How can you help?

There are many ways you can help our students! We know everyone is busy so there are many options. Here are just a few ideas:

• Attend the next Faculty Learning Community Meeting for Accessible Online Course Content – May 8, 2-3:30 p.m. in Library 4214.
• Sign up for the next Accessibility 101 online course offered by SBCTC.
• Attend the eLearning Council/SBCTC sponsored Accessibility Training Retreat this summer, Aug 3-4.  If interested, please let Amy Rovner in eLearning Services know ASAP.
• Watch for announcements about upcoming trainings and webinars on accessibility.  There are at least two a month; gather some colleagues and eLearning is happy to host in our conference room. (Amy or Patricia might even bake some treats for you!)
• Contact Amy Rovner in eLearning Services to ask a specific question, to modify an online classroom for an accommodation, to learn how to caption, join a pilot program, and much more!

Thank you,
FLC Accessible Online Course Content Members

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