Faculty – Support assessment at Shoreline! Request for writing assignments

You are invited to take part in the next phase of our exciting college-wide assessment study to answer the question, “How does a Shoreline education improve a student’s ability to write effectively?”

Last quarter, we conducted a brief survey about Shoreline’s General Education Outcome focused on written communication.

“Formulate and express information, ideas, and opinions in mechanically sound written forms that have a clear purpose, focus, thesis, and organization; that are appropriate for their audience in content and style; and that support, clarify, and expand complex ideas with relevant details, examples, and arguments.”

The results of the survey revealed that although a very large portion of courses in the MCO (84%) system indicate at least one assessment of written communication, there is not a strong correlation between what is recorded in the MCO system and instructors’ ratings of how much the course contributes to students’ writing ability.

The next phase in the assessment project will be gathering samples of student work.  Because the purpose of the project is a general assessment of writing ability, we are seeking a wide range of courses both in discipline and in level (introductory to advanced).

All we need from you would be:
• A description of one assignment from this quarter that you believe allows students to demonstrate their current ability to write effectively
• Copies (paper or electronic) of student submissions from that assignment

Associate faculty will be compensated for one hour’s time for contributing to this project.

If you are able to participate, please respond to Bayta Maring (bmaring@shoreline.edu) with responses to the following questions:

• In which course (or courses) this quarter would you have an assignment that might be appropriate for the sample?
• When will students have submitted this assignment?

Once you have responded that you are able to participate, we will send you specific instructions about how to gather samples and inform students about the project.

If you are interested in assessment, stay tuned for an opportunity to participate in a two-day retreat during the week after Labor Day (September 5 – 9, 2017).

Thank you for your time!
General Education Outcomes Assessment Working Group

Pam Dusenberry
Dutch Henry
Kathie Hunt
Jeff Iannone
Bayta Maring
Eric Hamilton

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