S^3 Shoreline Students Speak *Mental Health Awareness* event, Thurs., May 11

We invite you to join us for our next event Thurs., May 11 in PUB 9208 from 1:30-3:30 p.m. The theme for May is *Mental Health Awareness*!

This month’s featured faculty speaker is Dr. Gwyn Hoffman-Robinson. The event will feature several student presentations (including speeches, original writing, Q&A, and art presentations) on mental health topics as well as opportunity for open discussion as time allows.

S^3 Shoreline Students Speak is a series of community-oriented and student-led awareness events. Each month will coincide with a theme that will help set the tone for a central discussion. The goal is to have many volunteers speak and express their thoughts so that we can all gain new perspectives and learn from each other through the use of all forms of communication. The structure is similar to an open mic and incorporates a call to action by encouraging community involvement related to the monthly theme. Get curious; connect with your community by sharing your experience and become involved!

Our last event of the quarter will be Mentor Appreciation in June. If you would like to submit a presentation proposal for the June Mentor Appreciation event OR if you run or are a member of a club that might want to co-sponsor one of our events, contact the Public Speaking Leadership Club at http://facebook.com/shorelineccpslc.

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