Multicultural Week events for Tues., May 16

Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 3.50.57 PM
Tuesday, May 16th
11a-12p: CIVIC ENGAGMENT PANEL – Use Your Voice: How to Engage in Local Politics (Room 9208)
Join ASG Governmental Affairs officer, Juan Chavez, for a panel discussion with Shoreline Mayor, Dr. Chris Roberts. Mayor Roberts graduated from Willamette University in 2000 and earned a Ph.D. from the University of Washington in 2012 in Political Science. On the council, he serves as a member of the Association of Washington Cities Legislative Committee, the Sound Cities Association Public Issues Committee, and as an alternate to the Puget Sound Regional Council Growth Management Policy Board. Attend this panel to learn more about current local political context, how to get involved, and be a voice for positive change.

12:30p-1:30p: “ECHAO P’ALANTE” – Working towards an inclusive & intersectional understanding of the US Civil Rights Movement (Room 9208)
The Civil Rights Movement did not just start in 1954 and end in 1964. Our primary school education, history books, and associated media have in many ways collapsed and limited our understanding of the US Civil Rights Movement by esteeming certain types of action and actors while vilifying others, often at the expense of the collaborative movements that many have worked so hard to build. This workshop will draw on a variety of media in order to highlight multiple forms of resistance and sustained struggle against oppression culminating in all of the participants working together to build an inclusive and intersectional timeline of the Civil Rights Movement.

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