Happy GAAD!! Celebrate with us, Thurs., May 18

Dear campus community,

Today, Thurs., May 18, is the 6th annual Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD). Our Accessible IT Workgroup would like to invite you to take some time on today to stop and look at your own work and see how you can help the campus become more accessible.

Seven years ago, two people working in the accessibility space said, “There should be a day when everyone around the world gets a chance to learn a little about accessibility and share with others doing the same thing.” This is how GAAD was born. The first GAAD day only had a few events but was very popular and soon spread to many countries.

Check out the progress at the Global Accessibility Awareness Day website, where you can see all the events that have happened in the past and will be happening this year.

Please consider attending a webinar hosted by SBCTC and presented by our sister college, Bellingham Tech from 2-3 pm today. You can join a group viewing of the webinar in Room 1501 – complete with home baked cookies! – OR you can also watch remotely by Joining Us in Collaborate.

We hope you all can join us from wherever you are and take some time on Thursday to embrace accessibility and all the good work being done in the field today.

Thanks for your continued partnership!
Shoreline Accessible IT Workgroup

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