Alert to faculty: Sunfest may cause noise distractions next week

Hello everyone,

The Arts & Entertainment Board will be hosting its annual SunFest event from Tues., May 30 – Thurs., June 1. You may have seen flyers and advertisement for SunFest over the past couple of weeks and been wondering what this event entails and how it fits into campus life. SunFest was created in 1977 to set an environment of collaboration and appreciation on campus before the end of the year. This year we have a distinct theme for each of the days that reflect these same values. We have local musicians and artists as well as Shoreline students performing and showcasing their work.

There will be an increase of noise on campus during the festivities. We know that classes will still be in progress during SunFest, so we feel it’s only appropriate to let you know beforehand. Tues., May 30 will be an artisans day and take place in the courtyard in front of the PUB (9000 building). Wed., May 31 and Thurs., June 1 will both be set up in the Rock River area (behind the 1500-1700 building), with Wednesday being focused on games and Thursday on musicians. So noise may be an issue for classes within the vicinity of those two areas. We would love your support on this major campus event so please let us know if you have any questions or concerns by contacting the Assistant Director of Student Life Angel Gonzalez:

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