Please let your professional technical students know – there may be tuition assistance available for them

With registration here, a student may tell you that they can’t afford next quarter. If this happens, Workforce Funding might be able to help.

If a student can answer ‘yes’ to any of these questions.

    • Are they receiving benefits from DSHS (food stamps/EBT, or TANF/cash assistance)?
    • Are they low income, (i.e. 1 person makes $2000 or less a month)?
    • Have they received unemployment insurance in the past four years?
    • Are they being laid off or formerly self-employed and need to retrain?
    • Have they recently lost or divorced a spouse who was helping to support them?
    • Did they become a veteran in the past four years?

If they answer yes to any of these questions, are in a professional technical program and have been a Washington State resident for at least a year, they may qualify for Workforce Funding! It is quick and easy to apply.

Please refer students to:

  • Call 206-546-5882 or visit the Shoreline Community College Workforce Education office on the lower level of the Foss Building (5101).

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