President Roberts signs the Second Nature Climate Commitment

Cheryl Roberts joins a long list of other college and university presidents, mayors, governors, and business leaders to sign an open letter in support of the requirements to reduce greenhouse gas emissions laid out in the Paris Accord.

“Leaders across the United States economy are stepping up to show that we are committed to doing our part to reduce emissions and protect the planet’s health.” said President Roberts.

The open letter states, “The Paris Agreement is a blueprint for job creation, stability and global prosperity. We recognize its critical importance and will continue to pursue a clean energy future as the best chance we have to create jobs, promote trade, spur innovation, and preserve American competitiveness in a 21st century economy.”

The coalition, organized by former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and environmental advocacy group Second Nature, which is leading the effort in higher education, plans to negotiate with the United Nations to accept its participation in the agreement alongside other country’s contributions.

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