Heat wave safety tips

Heat Safety Tips
During the heat wave expected this week, here are some tips and guidelines to get through:

  • All employees should make a conscious effort to ensure proper hydration and ventilation, and take regular breaks as needed in cooler areas of the campus (PUB and Library recommended) without disrupting work or other activities in those areas.
  • Any employee who works in a College office without air conditioning may submit annual leave (Tuesday through Friday, August 1 – 4) for any hours the individual is uncomfortable working due to the heat. If the employee has a health condition that is affected by the heat, sick leave may be used for necessary time away.
  • Employees who choose to remain at work during these days of unusually hot weather can take an extra 10-minute break every 2 hours during the work day to ensure proper hydration and, if needed, move to a “cooling zone” (PUB or Library) before returning to work. PLEASE NOTE: Employees are not authorized to consolidate these breaks by combining them with any other break or lunch.

A Cooler Place to Work:
There are 30 workstations available with internet access in Room 4214 of the Library for staff as needed during the next few days. Please note, TSS can assist users in getting access to network drives.

Additional Tips:Screen Shot 2017-08-01 at 9.56.51 AM

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